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Financial Modeling Excel Templates

Financial Modeling is the forecast of the company’s financial fundamentals based on its past and the expected future. Here you can download 11 Financial Modeling templates for free, including the Alibaba IPO model, Box IPO Model, Colgate Financial Model, Beta calculation, Free Cash Flow to Firm Model, sensitivity analysis model, comparable company analysis model, PE and PE Band Chart, Scenario Model and Football Field Chart.

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#1 – Alibaba IPO Template

In May 2014, Chinese E-commerce biggie Alibaba filed for its IPO in the US. I created its financial model from scratch. You will learn Alibaba’s 3 statement forecastsAlibaba's 3 Statement ForecastsAlibaba is the most profitable Chinese e-commerce company and its IPO is a big deal due to its size. With its huge size and network, Alibaba IPO may look at international expansion beyond China and may lead to price wars and intensive competition in the more, interlinkages, DCF Model – FCFF, and Relative Valuation through this template.Alibaba Financial Modeling Template

#2 – Colgate Financial Model Excel Template

This Colgate Financial model is a part of the Financial Modeling in Excel, where there are two templates – solved and unsolved financial models of Colgate. You can start with Colgate’s unsolved model and follow the tutorial to create a complete Financial model.

colgate Financial Modeling TEmplate

#3 – Box IPO template

In March 2014, Box filed for registration documents for IPOBox Filed For Registration Documents For IPOThe analysis of the Box IPO valuation can be done using various methodologies which are Relative Valuation – SaaS Comparable Comps, Comparable Acquisition Analysis, Using Stock-Based Rewards, Valuation cues from Private Equity Funding, Valuation cues from Dropbox Private Equity Funding, and Discounted Cash Flow Approach for Box IPO more in the US to raise $250 million. Here I created another template from the start and covered its projection of financial statements of BoxProjection Of Financial Statements Of BoxThe significant risk factors of box IPO are - box sales & marketing costs is three times the average, Box Inc will require $1.25 billion in the next five years to survive, management owns less than expected, OpenText seeking $268 million in damages in a patent infringement lawsuit, more, valuations, and target recommendations.

box ipo scenarios

#4 – Beta Calculation Worksheet – MakeMyTrip

Beta measures the sensitivity of stock prices compared to the more extensive INDEX. In this excel CAPM modelCAPM ModelThe Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) defines the expected return from a portfolio of various securities with varying degrees of risk. It also considers the volatility of a particular security in relation to the more, we calculate the Beta of MakeMyTrip for NASDAQ.

Beta Financial Model Template

#5 – Terminal Value Calculation – Excel Template

Terminal Value is the value of the company after the forecast period. It is a fundamental concept as more than 60-80% of the total amount is derived from the Terminal value. This excel template provides two ways to calculate the Terminal valueTerminal ValueTerminal Value is the value of a project at a stage beyond which it's present value cannot be calculated. This value is the permanent value from there onwards. read more – Perpetuity Growth method and Multiple Method.

Terminal Value Calculation Example - Perpetuity Growth method

#6 – Free Cash Flow Excel Template

In simple terms, the Free Cash Flow firm is Cash flow from Operations and Cash Flow from Financing. FCFFFCFFFCFF (Free cash flow to firm), or unleveled cash flow, is the cash remaining after depreciation, taxes, and other investment costs are paid from the revenue. It represents the amount of cash flow available to all the funding holders – debt holders, stockholders, preferred stockholders or more is the foundation of the DCF techniqueDCF TechniqueDiscounted cash flow analysis is a method of analyzing the present value of a company, investment, or cash flow by adjusting future cash flows to the time value of money. This analysis assesses the present fair value of assets, projects, or companies by taking into account many factors such as inflation, risk, and cost of capital, as well as analyzing the company's future more.

Alibaba FCFF

#7 – PE Chart Template & PE Band Chart Excel Template

PE Charts and PE Band Charts are very important from an investment banking point of view. They provide a visual glimpse of how valuations have moved over a while. PE Band Charts can be a bit tricky to make. Download this excel model to learn how to make this chart step by step.

PE Ratio Band Chart Valuation

#8 – Football Field Graph

Football Field Chart is very helpful to visually understand the valuation of the firm under various scenarios as well as valuation methodologies. Download this financial modeling template to learn the Football Field Chart.

Floating Chart

#9 – Scenario Graph Template

A scene graph is one of my favorites when providing a visual explanation of valuation scenarios. It is a very high-impact graph, and when included in your pitch bookPitch BookPitch Book is an information layout or presentation used by investment banks, business brokers, corporate firms, and others to provide potential investors with the firm's main attributes and valuation analysis, which helps them decide whether or not to invest in the client's business. A pitch book is also known as Confidential Information Memorandum, which is used by the firm's sales department to help them sell products and services to a more or research report, it can make an excellent impression on your clients. Download this Scenario Graph Template.

Scenario Graph - Step 4

#10 – Comparable Company Valuation Model Template

Comparable company analysis is nothing but looking at the firm’s competitors and taking cues from their valuations. However, there is a way to professionally compare the valuation multiple of competitors, and you can download this financial model template to learn excellent valuation techniques. We use relative valuation multiples like PE Multiple, EV to EBITDA, and Price to Cash Flow.

Valuation Model Template

#11 – Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis is fundamental when we have to do Discount Cash Flows and want to check the sensitivity of Fair Price when we change variables like Growth Rates of the Company and Weighted Average Cost of CapitalWeighted Average Cost Of CapitalThe weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is the average rate of return a company is expected to pay to all shareholders, including debt holders, equity shareholders, and preferred equity shareholders. WACC Formula = [Cost of Equity * % of Equity] + [Cost of Debt * % of Debt * (1-Tax Rate)]read more. We use DATA TABLEs in Excel to do this sensitivity analysis.

DCF Sensitivity Table

This has been a guide to Financial Modeling Templates. Here we provide you top 11 financial modeling templates, including Alibaba IPO Template, Box IPO template, etc. You can learn more about it from the following articles –

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