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What is the Nominal GDP?

Nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the calculation of annual economic production of the entire country’s population at current market price of goods and services generated by four main sources which include capital appreciation on Land, wages of Labor, interest on Capital investment and profits earned by an entrepreneur that is calculated only on finished goods and services.

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Nominal GDP Example

Calculating the nominal GDPCalculating The Nominal GDPThe nominal GDP formula is used to figure out the nation's gross domestic product at the current price without considering inflation. It is the total of private consumption, gross investment, government investment and trade more is pretty easy. For ease of understanding, we will assume that there is a small country that produces only one fruit – mangoes.

  • Let’s say that a country named “T” produces 1000 kilograms of mangoes in 2015. The price per kilogram is $10. That means, in 2015, the GDP is $10,000.
  • Similarly, we will look at the GDP of the country “T” in the year 2016. In 2016, country “T” produces 1300 kilograms of mangoes. And the price increased to $13 per kilogram. That means, in 2016, the GDP is $16,900.

In this case, if we compare the output of 2015 and 2016, we will see that the productivity of 2016 is better since the output is more.

Now, you may ask how come 2016 has become more productive. As per the nominal GDP, it’s based on the market price of the current year. So, we can only compare as per the current market price. That’s why 2016 is more productive. But in reality, the actual growth should be measured by the increase in the quantity produced a year to year. That can only be done in real GDP.

Do have a look at the differences between real GDP and nominal GDPDifferences Between Real GDP And Nominal GDPNominal GDP is the annual production of goods or services at current prices, whereas Real GDP is the annual production of goods or services calculated at current prices minus the effect of more


The nominal gross domestic product has a couple of advantages that attract people to calculate the GDP in a nominal way. Let’s have a look at them –


Unfortunately, the disadvantages of nominal GDP are more apparent than the advantages of it. Let’s have a look –

  • It doesn’t consider the effect of inflation: This is a big negative. Inflation affects an economy so very intensely. And not considering the effect of inflation in calculating GDP is a big no. Not considering inflation for calculation of nominal gross domestic product may be easier, but not a valid calculation for experts in the field.
  • It can’t compare the intricacies of price and quantity: To understand the productivity of the economy, one must compare the result of two years. And it’s not only the total output that matters because the price has always been changing. What matters, rather, is the quantity produced in a year. If we can compare that, then we would be able to understand whether the economy is growing or not. A nominal gross domestic product can’t compare the intricacies of price and quantity.
  • It doesn’t compare similar results: Comparing the result of the previous year at the previous year’s market price with the result of this year with this year’s market price isn’t the right thing to do; because there are many factors that have changed or remained same. That’s why we need to take a base price/quantity to reach the right conclusion.


Nominal GDP is sum total of all services, goods and finished products produced in a country. Nominal gross domestic product is very easy to calculate as it based on the current market pricesMarket PricesMarket price refers to the current price prevailing in the market at which goods, services, or assets are purchased or sold. The price point at which the supply of a commodity matches its demand in the market becomes its market more of the goods and it is also very easy to understand. however, its key disadvantages are that it doesn’t consider the effect of inflation and it can’t compare the relationships between price and quantity.

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