Contra Revenue

What is Contra Revenue?

Contra Revenue is a difference in gross revenue and net revenue, usually has a debit balance and is a helpful tool for the company to know the product specifications, whether it is optimum or not as per customer requirement.

Types of Contra Revenue


CR = Gross Sales – Net Sales

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Examples of Contra Revenue

Example #1 – Based on Sales Return

M/s L&T Limited sells the construction equipment machines to M/s ABC & Company for $15000.00 on Credit. After some days, M/s ABC & Co. return the construction equipment machines & $2000.00 due to defect in them.

Contra Revenue Example 1

In the above case, the CR amount is $2000.00, which will be adjusted from sales to $15000.00 and in the accounting book sales to be recorded at $13000.00.

Example #2 – Based on Sales Allowance

M/s XYZ Company has some old fashion clothes, and they want to sell the same on an urgent basis. There is a customer in the market who want to purchase such clothes, but he knows the market scenario of the cloth industry. M/s XYZ Company agrees to sell the goods $ 5000 less than from the amount of the original sale, which is $40000.00.

Contra Revenue Example 2

In the above case, the company will bear a loss margin on $5000.00 on clothes, and the same will be adjusted from the sales account. The CR amount is $5000.00

Example #3 – Based on Cash Discount

M/s EFG & Co. sells the Goods $10000.00 with Cash/Sales Discount @ 1% to M/s MNO & Co…

Example 3

In the above case, the company will bear a loss margin of $100, and the contra revenue amount is $100.00.

Accounting of Contra Revenue

Contra Revenue Example 3.1png

In the above case, the company should minus the sales return/allowance/discount from gross sales.

There is one more method that can be used for accounting which is as below:-

Example 3.2png

In the above method, we debit the contra revenue account in the trading account, but generally, the company uses the first method of accounting of contra revenue.




Important Points


The company should maintain a separate accounting of contra revenue for a better presentation of financial statements and can estimate the quality of the product.

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