Service Invoice Template

Free Service Invoice Template

Service invoice templates are an excellent option for companies that are engaged in providing professional or/and nonprofessional services. It is one of the most simple, user-friendly, and efficient ways for service provider companies to invoice their clients. It could be fantastic for companies that provide services like consulting, freelance workers, medical services, legal services, designing, animation, graphics, content writing, accounting, auditingAccounting, AuditingAccounting is recording, maintaining and reporting the financial affairs, depicting the precise financial position of the company. In contrast, auditing is the systematic examination of accounts books and other documents to check whether the statement shows the correct information or more, etc. For companies that are engaged in offering services to their clients, creating a service invoice template for invoicing purposes could be a far better and appropriate idea as compared to installing a complicated invoicing software system.

Free Service Invoice Template

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About the Template

This is created to be used by such companies that are engaged in businesses that provide professional or nonprofessional service. It can be created by incorporating details like the details of the service provider company as well as the company against whom the invoice is being generated and other information like invoice date and number, work order, the due date of payment, description, number of hours, the price per unit, total and remarks. The elements of the attached service invoice template are all crucial aspects that must not be skipped, and all these must be necessarily filled up by the service providers.


Following are the different elements discussed in detail that are generally present in this template:

#1 – Header

The header of the template must be named. It will highlight the purpose of making the invoice, and this will remain the same for all the companies and all their service-related projects.

#2 – Right-Hand Side

The right-hand side of the template must necessarily bear details like date of invoice, invoice number, work order number, and due date of payment.

#3 – Company Details

An ideal template will never miss upon providing crucial aspects pertaining to the company details. It must necessarily have the logo of the company and its details like name, address, phone number, email id, and registration number.

#4 – Client’s Details

It is necessary to provide all the details of the client, such as name, address, phone number, email id, and customer id.

#5 – Services Offered and the Number of Hours Dedicated

The services offered to the client must also be necessarily mentioned in the invoice, along with the number of hours that are dedicated to each service. The services availed by a client from the company can be of various types, and hence, the same must be necessarily described in the description box. The number of hours that were spent in each service must also be mentioned along with the services that are mentioned in the description box.

#6 – Price Per Unit

The price per unit of the services availed must be mentioned. The services mentioned in the description box may not be of the same cost. Therefore, the company must provide the costs along with the services mentioned. It will enable the client to have a better idea of the services that he has availed and evaluate if the same is appropriately priced or not.

#7 – Line Total

Post mentioning services and the number of hours; the company will need to evaluate the price for each service. After providing all these details, the company will require to calculate the line total for each item. It can only be done by multiplying the number of hours with the price per unit for each service.

#8 – Remarks

The company can also offer remarks as and whenever needed for its future reference.

How to Use This Service Invoice Template?

  • The person using this template has to enter all the details as required in the fields that are not already pre-filled.
  • Companies that are willing to use this template can simply download the same and then can start with entering all the details like company’s credentials, client information, date of invoice, unique reference number, description of services, company’s logo, number of dedicated hours, the price per hour for each service, remarks, and accordingly generate the grand total that needs to be paid by the client for whom the invoice has been made.
  • The details of the company like its name, address, contact number, registration number, and email id must be filled up as, and wherever required.
  • The details of the client like name, address, phone number, and email id must be filled up as, and wherever required.
  • In the next segment, the company will need to mention the invoice number, date of invoice, work order, and due date of payment as and wherever desired.
  • Once all these inputs are duly provided, the company will need to move to the next segment, which is equally essential to be appropriately filled as the information provided in the first segment. The company must mention the services provided to the client in the description box along with the number of hours dedicated to each level of service.
  • The price per hour of that service must be provided in the next column. This information shall be of great use for the company and the client, too, for evaluating the total bill for the latter.
  • The company must multiply the number of hours with a price per hour for each service.
  • Lastly, the company will be required to add all the line totals to arrive at the subtotal and add all the taxes to arrive at the net total that the client will be required to pay.

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This article has been a guide to the Service Invoice Template. Here we provide you with a free downloadable service invoice template that is providing professional and nonprofessional services to the companies. Also, you can download and use this template in Excel, Google Sheets, or in PDF format.

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