Excel Chart Wizard

Chart Wizard in Excel

Chart Wizard in excel is a type of wizard which takes any user or guides them to a step by step process to insert a chart in an excel spreadsheet, it was available in excel older versions as the name of chart wizard and for the newer versions we have recommended charts option where excel itself recommends us various types of charts to choose.

Excel Chart Wizard

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How to Build a Chart using the Excel Chart Wizard?

You can download this Chart Wizard Excel Template here – Chart Wizard Excel Template

Let’s consider the below data as our chart data. Based on this data, we are going to build a chart.

Excel Chart Wizard Step 1
  • Step 1: Firstly, we need to select the data first. In this case, the data range is A1 to B6.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 2
Excel Chart Wizard Step 3
  • Step 3: Since we have selected a column chart, click on the column chart.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 4
  • Step 4: Select the first chart in this.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 5
  • Step 5: As soon as you click on this chart, excel shows your default chart, as shown in the below image.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 6
  • Step 6: This isn’t a fully equipped chart. We need to make some adjustments to this chart to make it look better and beautiful.

Firstly right-click on the chart and select, Select Data.

Excel Chart Wizard Step 7
  • Step 7: In the below window, we need only sales column to be shown as column bars, so remove Year from this list.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 8
  • Step 8: After removing it, we need Years to have appeared in the X-Axis. So click on the Edit button on the right-hand side.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 9
  • Step 9: Now select the Year range as the reference.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 10
  • Step 10: Click on Ok to back to the previous window. Again click on the OK button to complete the chart building. We have a chart ready now.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 11
  • Step 11: We need to change the Chart Heading to Year on Year Sales Comparison. To change the chart title double click on the chart title and enter your own chart title.
Excel Chart Wizard Step 12
  • Step 12: Add Data Labels. Data Labels are nothing but each data bar’s actual numbers. Let’s show the Data Labels on each bar now.

Right-click on one of the bar and select Add Data Labels.

Excel Chart Wizard Step 13

Now we can see data labels for each label.

Step 14
Step 15

To delete them select the gridline, and hit the delete key; we will have a chart without gridlines.

Step 16
  • Step 14: Change the color of the chart fonts to black. Select the chart and select black font color in the Home Tab.
Step 17
Step 18
  • Step 16: You can change the default column bar color to any of the colors as per your wish under the HOME tab. Select the bar and hit the color of your choice.
Step 19

Things to Remember

These are the process involved in creating a chart. Below are some points to remember here.

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