Scatter Plot in Excel (Chart)

What is the Scatter Plot Chart in Excel?

Scatter plot in excel is a two dimensional type of chart to represent data, it has various names such XY chart or Scatter diagram in excel, in this chart we have two sets of data on X and Y axis who are co-related to each other, this chart is mostly used in co-relation studies and regression studies of data.

Scatter Plots are a set of so many points on vertical and horizontal axes. Scatter charts are very important in insights since they can demonstrate the degree of connection, assuming any, between the estimations of observed quantity or values, which are also called variables.

How to Make a Scatter Plot Chart in Excel?

You can download this Scatter Chart Excel Template here – Scatter Chart Excel Template

  1. Select the two segments in your information additionally incorporate the headers from your information.

    scatter chart step 1

  2. Tap on the Inset tab, in the Charts gathering, tap the Scatter diagram or some other as the required symbol, and select the chart which suits your information:

    scatter chart step 2

  3. Click to select the scatter plot chart which you want. After you selected the chart, you will get the chart next to your excel data tableExcel Data TableA data table in excel is a type of what-if analysis tool that allows you to compare variables and see how they impact the result and overall data. It can be found under the data tab in the what-if analysis more.

    scatter chart step 3

  4. Now, here is your scatter plot chart after you selected the scatter chart.

    scatter chart step 4

  5. You can modify your chart as a when required, fill the hues and lines likewise of your decision. For instance, you can pick alternate shading and utilize a strong line of a dashed line. We can customize the graph as we want to customize it.

    Click on the Right-click of scatter chart, click on the format data point and select the color of your diagram and customize it as required.

    Scatter plot step 5

  6. Below is a scatter plot after customizing it as required:

    Scatter plot step 6

  7. We can change the chart style/color by clicking right on the chart and click on the icon as mention below screenshot:

    Scatter plot step 7

Types of Relationship in Scatter Plots in Excel

#1 – No Correlation: This is the point when there is no direct connection between the factors. For e.g., computers and salaries have no relation between them.

#2 – Positive: This is the point at which the factors move in a similar way. For e.g., Salary and promotion, it means that when the employee gets the promotion, it is so obvious that salary will get the increase.

#3 – Negative: This is the point at which the factors move in inverse ways. It means that when one variable is increased, and another variable decreases. For e.g., Time spent playing badminton and time spent on studying. It means the more time a person plays. It leads to study time will decrease.


  1. It helps to obtain the relationship between two or more variables.
  2. A scatter plot is the best method to show the non-linear pattern.
  3. Anyone can easily determine the minimum and maximum value on the range of data flow.
  4. Perception and reading are so clear.
  5. Plotting the graph is moderately basic.


  1. A Scatter plot chart does not help to get the precise relationship between the variables.
  2. A Scatter plot chart is not a quantitative measure, which helps to get the result in numeric.
  3. It only gives an estimated idea of the relationship.
  4. When data is huge, sometimes, it created a mess on the scatter chart.

Things to Remember

  1. Scatter plots are exceptionally helpful tools for passing on the connection between two factors; however, you have to realize how to utilize them and interpret them legitimately.
  2. The variable should be in the numeric term. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create the chart.
  3. Choose the data carefully to avoid any kind of error in the analysis.
  4. Start practicing with small data to understand the better analysis and use of scatter chart on data easily.
  5. Always make your chart more attractive so that it shows clear information by using different colors.
  6. If you want to communicate your data through scattering, so it is mandatory to understand the audition, whether they understand the data or not. If necessary, make use of a line on the chart, which connects the points.
  7. In some of the cases, utilizing an alternate shading for the objective information point may not be proper, so you can shade it with indistinguishable shading from whatever remains of the focuses and afterward make it emerge by applying some other option.

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