Bridge Loan

What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is type of short term financing option for owners trying to buy a new home to replace their current home which is secured by current property to pay off their mortgage and usually it comes with two payment options, either to pay interest only each month or a lump sum interest when the loan is paid off; hence helping the person to cover the interval between two transactions of purchase and sale.

Features of Bridge Loan

How Does a Bridge Loan Work for Individuals?

This type of bridge loan is more popular in the case of Real Estate

Example #1

Suppose you were planning to take a long term loan for buying a property and this long term loan is going to take three months time for processing and you have a requirement of immediate cash and you cannot wait for three months in that case, you can take this loan and satisfy your cash requirements and once you get your long term loan after particular time then you can paion”y your bridge loan and you have to bear the interest for the three months of a bridge loan.

Example #2

Suppose you are planning to sell your current house where you are currently staying and you have already seen a property and you feel you want to buy that house and this is the best deal you can get on that house but you have not yet sold your current house and the Purchased Cost is 60, 00,000 $ for this current house which is 100% yours not any loan or mortgage on this house. And for the house, you want to buy you need 50, 00,000 $. In that case, you can take a bridge loan of maximum $40,00,000 (80% of 50,00,000$ since 80% is the loan to value ratio) and after six months your old house is going to sell at that time (i.e. after six months) you have to pay your bridge loan and you will have to pay interest for that bridge loan.

From the above examples, we saw how the bridge loan works in real estate.

How Does a Bridge Loan Work for a Corporate?

Let us understand this with the help of an example. ABC Limited is a company that plans to build a factory that is for 15,000,000 $. The company wants to issue corporate bondsCorporate BondsCorporate Bonds are fixed-income securities issued by companies that promise periodic fixed payments. These fixed payments are broken down into two parts: the coupon and the notional or face more for financing this requirement. For issuing corporate bonds it may take up to six months, the company feels that they may not get the best deal for the land or the location which they are getting right now so they want to immediately start the construction in that case they can take such loan. And after 6 months, when a company gets money from bonds then they have to repay the bridge loan.

Types of Bridge Loans

Bridge Loan

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  • #1 – Closed Bridge Loan – In this type of loan, the time period of finance is fixed. In this loan, more certainty of repayment found because the time period is fixed by Lender and Borrower.
  • #2 – Open Bridge Loan – In this type of loan repayment, the date is not fixed. More uncertainty is involved in this type of loan.
  • #3 – First Charge Bridge Loan –  In this type of loan, the loan provider has a first charge on the property if the loan taker defaults in repayment then the loan giver has a fist right to sell the property then other lenders.
  • #4 – Second Charge Bridge Loan – In this loan type loan giver has a second charge on the property, not the first charge. This loan has a high risk involved.




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