Evergreen Loan

What is Evergreen Loan?

Evergreen loans, also known as revolving credit, can be defined as the loans where the borrower receives a principal amount from the lender with a contract interest rate & validity for the contract and borrower during the validity of the contract can anytime repay the loan or retake the loan any number of times.


Evergreen Loan

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How does Evergreen Loan Work?

  • On the application submitted by the applicant, the banking companies offer different products relating to the revolving credit. Once the application is approved and the loan amount is also approved, the lender (banks, etc.) give the principal amount to the applicant (borrower) which is also bound with a maximum credit amount limit. The borrower can use this amount as per his discretion.
  • This type of credit bank charges some fees or amounts from the borrower and applies interest rates in case of delayed payment or overdrawn limit. During the time of credit, the number of available credit decreases and increases as the borrower withdraw funds as well as pay back the funds. The borrower can pay the credit amount in multiple payments or at a single payment. Once the full amount is paid back the loan, the lending relationship comes to close.


In the market, the most used Evergreen loans are Credit Cards & line of credits which include overdraftOverdraftOverdraft is a banking facility that offers short-term credit to the account holders by allowing them to withdraw money from their savings or current account even if their account balance is or below zero. Its authorized limit differs from customer to customer.read more limit, export packing credit, etc.

  1. In the case of traditional credit cards, the borrower needs to file an application after which his background and his credit scorecard are checked and then the application is approved and the credit limit is offered accordingly. In the case of credit card, the statement of credit card is generated every month, during the month the credit card user can borrow any amount of funds up to the available maximum credit. The user needs to pay the minimum amount mentioned in his statement. The much amount he pays back; the much credit limit will be available to him to use again.
  2. The line of creditLine Of CreditA line of credit is an agreement between a customer and a bank, allowing the customer a ceiling limit of borrowing. The borrower can access any amount within the credit limit and pays interest; this provides flexibility to run a business.read more is provided by banks or other financial institutionsFinancial InstitutionsFinancial institutions refer to those organizations which provide business services and products related to financial or monetary transactions to their clients. Some of these are banks, NBFCs, investment companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies and trust corporations. read more to the borrower who can be a company, an individual or government, etc. In this case, also, an amount of credit limit is provided to the borrower and the borrower can use the amount as per his requirements. A monthly statement is generated in this case and the borrower needs to pay the minimum amount mentioned to improve his credit score and have good credibility for the future.


Evergreen Loan Types

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  1. Revolving Line of Credit: Revolving line of credit is issued to the borrower for day to day use purposes or can also be said as working capitalWorking CapitalWorking capital is the amount available to a company for day-to-day expenses. It's a measure of a company's liquidity, efficiency, and financial health, and it's calculated using a simple formula: "current assets (accounts receivables, cash, inventories of unfinished goods and raw materials) MINUS current liabilities (accounts payable, debt due in one year)"read more purpose. Where the user can use the credit limit offered to pay in any kind of transaction or any event.
  2. Letter of Credit:Letter Of Credit:A letter of credit is a payment mechanism in which the issuer's bank gives an economic guarantee to the exporter for the agreed payment amount if the buyer defaults. In international trade, buyers employ LC to reduce credit risk.read more This is a special guarantee provided by the bank to the person on behalf of its client that the bank will pay the obligation in case the client defaulted in doing so. The bank issues the letter of credit with a credit limit pre-decided up to which the bank will take the financial guaranteeFinancial GuaranteeA financial guarantee is a promise undertaken by a third party to cover any financial obligation of another organization or individual, acting as a guarantor for any unpaid financial debts. If the concerned party is unavailable, authorities contact guarantors.read more. The client during entering into the transaction may provide a letter of credit to the other party for the payment of the consideration of the transaction or contract.

Renewal Criteria for Evergreen Loan

Potential Issues

  • There are areas where the evergreen loan can create some issues. Like in the case of the borrower applies for renewal of such a loan, the bank can simply choose not to renew it upon looking up the financials of the borrower and the bank decided that the financials of the borrower is not strong enough.
  • The bank may also decide to withdraw from the relationship if the borrower maxes out the usage of the credit and did not pay any interest amount for a long period like 1 year. In this case, the bank will oppose keeping the relationship going as the bank may decide that the borrower will not be able to repay the loan.


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