Equity vs Royalty

The key difference between Equity vs Royalty is that Equity represents the amount of ownership of the shareholders in the company. For this the shareholders receive the share of profits in the form of dividends etc. from the company. Whereas, the royalty is paid by the corporations to the legal owner of the concerned asset. It includes patent, copyright, trademark, franchise or any other property for using such asset in their business.

Difference Between Equity vs Royalty

Resources play a significant role in all types of organizations. There are different ways by which an organization can acquire and incorporate the various resources required in their business operationsBusiness OperationsBusiness operations refer to all those activities that the employees undertake within an organizational setup daily to produce goods and services for accomplishing the company's goals like profit generation.read more. Some of the businesses have direct and full ownership of the resources, which they will need to produce and provide the goods and services to their customers. At the same time, the other will acquire the assets from the owner and use them for commercial purposes. In the case of ownership, shareholders hold the equity of the company and get the returns in the form of dividends and capital gain. On the other hand, when the company uses the resources of the other persons, then it has to pay the royalty to the legal owner of the property. Businesses have to research the pros and cons of the different options available and then select the best for their organization out of them.

In this article, we discuss the differences between Equity vs. Royalty in detail.

What is Equity?

Equity of the company represents the ownership of the company which the shareholders own. The equity shareholders against their owners get the share in the future profits of the company. The main types of equity include Common stock, retained earnings, share premium, and the preferred stock. The shareholder’s return for the equity in the company can be in the form of dividends or the capital Gains. Here dividend is the amount paid out of the profits earned by the company. Capital gains are the appreciation in the share prices of the company when there is a huge demand for the shares of the company in the capital market.

What is Royalty?

Royalty payments are the payments that are made to the owner for using their assets or property. The example of assetsExample Of AssetsExamples of assets include all current, capital and intangible assets owned by a company and used for accounting purpose. Some of these are cash, accounts receivable, building, plant and equipment, goodwill and patents.read more includes patents, natural resources, franchises, or copyrighted works. The payment of royalty is made to the person who is the legal owner of such patents, natural resources, copyrighted work, property, or franchise. The licensees or the franchisees pay a royalty for using the asset or property. The motive is to generate revenue or doing any other activity as agreed between them. Royalties are mostly legally binding on both the parties. They are designed for compensating the owner of the property as some other person uses his property or resource. So the royal interests are legal rights that give the rights to the owner of the property to collect the royalty payments.

Equity vs. Royalty Infographics

Here we provide you with the top 6 difference between Equity vs. Royalty.

Equity vs. Royalty – Key Differences

The key differences between Equity vs. Royalty are as follows –

Equity vs. Royalty Head to Head Difference

Let’s now look at the head to head the difference between Equity vs. Royalty.

Basis Equity vs RoyaltyEquityRoyalty
MeaningThe amount of the capital which is owned by the shareholders of the company is known as Equity.When the person uses the assets of the other person, then he has to make a payment to the owner of the asset for compensating for the use of asset owned.
TypesBy way of Equity, ownership is granted to the person in the company.A person makes the payment of royalty for using the assets over which no ownership of the company is there. Thus no ownership exists in case of royalty.
OwnershipThe main type of equity includes Common stock, retained earnings, share premium, and the preferred stock.The main type of royalty agreements which are widely used includes Patents, property, franchises, and the copyrights.
ReturnReturns in case of equity to the shareholders of the company are generally in the form of dividends and capital gains.Returns in case of royalty are in the form of the royalty payments made by the company for using the assets of the other person.
At the time of LiquidationIf the situation of liquidation prevails, the shareholders holding the equity will get the payment of the profits remaining after the payment of all other dues subject to the percentage of ownership they are having.Situation of liquidation does not affect the payment of royalty. Royalty is a guaranteed income of the company, that is allowing the other to use its assets. It is paid even in case of fewer profits.
ExampleThe company makes the product for $100 and then sells them at $300, and after deducting all the expenses, the net income comes to $100. Now if one of the shareholders is holding the 10% equity, then it will get $10 as the return (10% of $100 profit)The company makes the product for $100 and then sells them at $300, and after deducting all the expenses, the net income comes to $100. Now if one has the royalty income of 10%, then it will get $30 (10% of $300 sales value)

Final Thoughts

The company should choose the mode of obtaining resources carefully after analyzing all the differences prevailing. The main difference between the equity vs. royalty, which is related to ownership criteria, should be analyzed properly before choosing. Equity is the representation of the ownership in the company. However, royalty gives only the right to use the property for a period specified, as per the agreement, between the parties. It does not provide the right to the company to own an asset. In the present, equity is the most common scenario which is prevailing in many companies. In contrast, the royalty scenario is not used very often as it comes if the company has some unique product to offer.

This article has been a guide to Equity vs. Royalty. Here we discuss the top differences between Equity vs. Royalty along with infographics and comparison table. You may also have a look at the following articles –

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