Markup Percentage

What is Markup Percentage?

Markup Percentage is a percentage mark-up over the cost price to get the selling price and calculated as a ratio gross profit to the cost of the unit. In many cases, the companies that sell their products, during the process of decision making for selling price, take the cost price and use a mark-up, which, in general, is a small factor or a percentage of the cost price, and use that as the profit margin and decide the selling price.

Markup Percentage Formula

Markup Percentage can be calculated as the gross profit in terms of percentageGross Profit In Terms Of PercentageGross profit percentage is used by the management, investors, and financial analysts to know the economic health and profitability of the company after accounting for the cost of sales. Gross profit percentage formula = Gross profit / Total sales * 100% read more which would be of the cost of the unit and can be represented using the below formula:

Markup Percentage: Gross Profit / Cost of Unit x 100
Markup Percentage

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Hence, it can be stated that markup is a difference between the selling price and the cost of service or goods. And when this difference is taken as a percentage of the cost, it will be the markup percentage.

The numerator part of the formula is the margin that is desired by the business in order to maximize its profit and also to stay with competitors’ margin; otherwise, the customer will switch to a competitor who charges less. Therefore, the first step is to calculate the gross marginCalculate The Gross MarginGross Profit Margin is the ratio that calculates the profitability of the company after deducting the direct cost of goods sold from the revenue and is expressed as a percentage of sales. It doesn’t include any other expenses into account except the cost of goods more, which is nothing but the difference between the sales revenue or the selling price and the cost of goods sold or the cost price per unit.

The second step is to divide the margin or the gross profit by the cost of goods sold, which shall give us the markup percentage.

Calculation Examples of Markup Percentage

Let’s see some simple to advanced examples to understand it better.


Consider the selling price of a bike is 200,000, and the cost price of the bike is 150,000. You are required to calculate the markup on the bike and markup percentage as well that the dealer is trying to implement on the same.


Use the following data for the calculation.

Markup Percentage Formula Example1

Calculation of markup can be done as follows –

Markup Percentage Formula Example1.1

Markup = 200000 – 150000

Markup = 50000

So, the calculation of markup percentage can be done as follows –


Markup percentage = 50,000 / 150,000 * 100



McDonald’s one of the famous brands in the world to make hamburgers. Mr. Wyatt, who eats a lot of these hamburgers, is interested in knowing what markup they apply and hence decided to review their income statement. Reviewing its income statement for the quarter ended December 2018, one can observe that for that quarter ended December 2018, it has reported revenue of $5.163 billion, and further, it has reported $2.697 billion as the gross profit. You are required to calculate the Markup Percentage that McDonald’s is applying to earn, and the cost of the goods sold.


Use the following data for the calculation of markup percentage.

Markup Percentage Formula Example2

Calculation of cost of goods sold can be done as follows –


Cost of Goods Sold = 5.163 – 2.697

Cost of Goods Sold = 2.466

So, the calculation of markup percentage can be done as follows –


Markup Percentage = 2.697 / 2.466 * 100



Ankit industries are based out of Surat from Gujarat in India and are operating under the textile business. Simula and the company have been appointed as the stock auditors for Ankit industries. Ankit industries need funds to expand the business and hence have applied for an overdraft facilityOverdraft FacilityOverdraft is a banking facility that offers short-term credit to the account holders by allowing them to withdraw money from their savings or current account even if their account balance is or below zero. Its authorized limit differs from customer to more with the State Bank. State Bank has gone through the application and was surprised to know that it reported a 78% markup margin and hence ask Simula and the company to investigate the number and if a found correct bank will fund the 80% of the loan requirement subject to fulfillment of other terms and conditions.


Use the following data for the calculation of markup percentage

Markup Percentage Formula Example3

Calculation of cost of goods sold can be done as follows –


Cost of Goods Sold = 20000000 + 15000000 + 30000000 + 60000000 + 4000000

Cost of Goods Sold = 129000000

Calculation of gross profit can be done as follows –


Gross Profit = 229620000 – 129000000

Gross Profit = 100620000

So, the calculation of markup percentage can be done as follows –


Markup percentage = 100620000 / 129000000


Markup Percentage Calculator

You can use the following Markup Percentage Calculator

Gross Profit
Cost of Unit
Markup Percentage Formula =

Markup Percentage Formula ==
Gross Profit
Cost of Unit
X100= 0

Relevance and Uses

Understanding the markupMarkupThe percentage of profits derived over the cost price of the product sold is known as markup. It is determined by dividing the company's total profit by the cost price of the product and multiplying the result by more is very crucial and important for the firm or the business. Take an example, establishing the strategy for pricing will be one of the key parts in terms of strategic pricing. The markup of a service or good should be enough to offset or say in order words to cover up all the business expensesBusiness ExpensesBusiness expenses are those incurred in order to successfully run, operate, and maintain a business. Travel & conveyance, salaries, rent, entertainment, telephone and internet expenses are all examples of business more, and it should also be able to generate a profit for the firm or the business.

Markup can be different for various industries, as the same cannot be static or normal. This would totally depend upon how good the reputation of the firm is, how loyal their customers are to their brand, switching costsSwitching CostsSwitching cost is the cost suffered by a customer when switching a service, product, or supplier. It includes not only financial costs, but also psychological costs, time costs, and so more for a customer from the company’s product to the supplement product. Further, the pricing power of the company also helps in determining the markup that they desire.

You can download this Excel Template here – Markup Percentage Formula Excel Template

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