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Free Billing Statement Template

Billing statement template is those templates that record the list of all the debit and credit transactions being made during a particular period and which are available on excel, which can be easily printed, emailed to the customer at any time. These could be implemented for billing invoices, customer account relationship management, including general invoicing.

  • For instance, in Credit card statements, credit institutions send every month a credit card bill to the customer with the details of the transactions incurred during a given month and outstanding amount due to the credit institutions.
  • It may include columns for the invoice number, details of the customer, amount to be received or due from the customer, description of the items, and other charges, including a discount, if any. It is beneficial for those who have a transactional relationship with their customers and received payment on a regular or ongoing concern basis.
  • For instance, in the landlord and tenant relationship, the landlord sends every month billing statement template to his or her tenant in case of rental properties. It is very much similar to the invoice template.
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About Billing Statement Template

How to Create This Template?

  • It is said to be an alternative to expensive software used to create a billing statement. It is straightforward to use and create. Customers can easily understand with billing statement template the amount due and the charges which are applicable on the same.
  • It can be easily downloaded and printed if required. These are user-friendly, and the vendor and customer can customize the billing statement template according to their requirement. These are also automated to generate the billing statement automatically.
  • With the help of this statement, the complicated task of segregating the stocks from the vast inventory can be easily recognized. The statement provides detailed information about the goods ordered and shipped at the same time and also goods ordered and yet to be shipped. These excel based templates are considered as budget-friendly and can be used by small or medium-sized enterprises with a low volume of business transactionsBusiness TransactionsA business transaction is the exchange of goods or services for cash with third parties (such as customers, vendors, etc.). The goods involved have monetary and tangible economic value, which may be recorded and presented in the company's financial more.
  • It can be created by merely inserting basic details in the template like Company name, address, the logo of the company. In the software-based template, there are default options like a currency that can be selected by drop-down in the template. It can be formatted in any desired way.
  • Once the basic details about the company are inserted, then the next section is required to have a list of business transactions that can be initiated with any beginning balance, if any, or carried forward from the previous balance. If no prior balances were being carried forward, then the billing statement can be started with zero balance.
  • After the initial balance, the next transactions can be recorded based on their date of the transaction and other charges if incurred. Two columns could be made to report the transactions. One column should have debit in which all the expenses and charges incurred by the customers are included, and other columns should have credit in which the amount to be received by the customers is included.
  • Anyone running a business can generate the billing statement template. You need not be an excel expert to generate the same. But some points need to be considered while creating the billing statement template.

The following are the factors that require due consideration while creating this template.

  • An adequate date should be mentioned in the billing statement template.
  • The current balance of the billing statement should be arrived in the template by deducting the sum of payments from the sum of the received amount.
  • Make sure the payment should be written in negative numbers, and the amount received should be written in positive numbers.
  • The name of the customer, including the billing address, should be provided in the billing statement template.

Why we need this template?

The above question can be answered with the following section.

  • Let’s assume you are a landlord, and your tenant does not pay your rent on time. A professional way to remind him every month about the rent due is to send him every month a billing statement template. The same concept applies to banks and credit institutions who have given loans or credit cards to the customers and who pay EMIs every month to their respective banks.
  • With this billing statement, both banks, and customers, can track the transactions and charges, including any fees levied by the bank. They can be printed and recorded for future references at the same time. These can be customized with the help of spreadsheet tools to include or remove any things.
  • These statements include all the possible details like payments received from the customer, late payments charged or fees, payment due date, total outstanding amount, total credit available, date of generating the billing, etc.
  • In the case of the landlord and tenant relationship, the billing statement can be customized to include a list of properties lent out, including the furnished materials to keep a record.
  • If the landlord has multiple properties lent out to several tenants, the billing statement can be saved, and a copy of the same can be created and can be sent to every tenant through email.
  • If you desired that billing statement should not include prior payments in the statement, you could simply include only current month transactions in the billing statement to be sent to your customers.

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This article has been a guide to Billing Statement Template. Here we provide you with a free billing statement template that records a list of all the debit and credit transactions during a particular period. Also, you can download and use this template in Excel, PDF, or in ODS format.

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