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Free Cash Envelope Template

Cash envelope templates are like the budget systems which we can use to track the cash through every single envelope. There are sources that are widely available in the form of printable registers, excel templates or spreadsheets, and various other applications or software. Anyone get the templates printed and insert the same in envelopes. In addition to printed templates, they can be customized, fold, cut, and glued. It helps in tracking where your money is going, and it works like your personal finance manager.

Cash Envelope Excel Template

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About the Template


As I have already discussed above, having a proper system like a cash envelope template, you will know where exactly your hard-earned money is going by keeping track of it regularly. Are you overspending or not, for instance, in my case a lot of small purchases ended up in big numbers at the end of a particular period which will eventually dry your pocket. If you have, for instance, a credit card or any other debt, you should seriously follow this habit.

  1. Users will make smart choices: For instance, you have budgeted $150 for your entertainment every month, and before the budget very often, you could not have enough money to spend on your entertainment. When you allocate your money in this template, you could spend the money on your entertainment without worrying about other expenditures.
  2. You can have an eye on your money where it is going: With this template, you will know the behavior of money and can control if money is going out of the way. It brings discipline to the users as well.
  3. Saving money for your dreams: If you keep on following the templates, you will recognize the fact during a long period, you have saved enough to buy a house or your dream car. It can make you achieve your long term goals.
  4. You can start your emergency funds: Yes, it’s true by allocating every time an equal amount towards a cash envelope template you can easily create a fund that can be used in emergencies. You don’t need to depend on others for that. You are not expected to put a major amount every time to make an emergency fund. You can start even with a small amount to create a big balance in the long term. With a cash envelope, you can easily ward off problems that are uncertain and unexpected at the same time.

How to Use?

At the very outset, when you start making a template, it is obvious that you will face issues following the template, and at times, you may commit mistakes. For which you do not need to worry about as it is natural for anyone who is doing things for the first time.

  1. Make the list of items where you are sure to spend on: Before you create, you must be sure there are predefined items for which you need to allocate funds. You should insert in the template without mistake every single penny you spend to track and monitor.
  2. Plan your finance in advance: You better plan your major expenditures to ward off any unexpected spending, which could have a negative impact on the very basic objective of this template. You should plan where and to what extent you need to spend so that you can save enough amount even after you spend the money.
  3. Include all the required categories in the cash template: You should include all the possible categories in the cash envelope template. The reason behind it is that you will be sure that where your cash is going out and how much you are left with at the end of a particular period. Once you are done with all the required categories, you should provide the label to every single category and allocate the money accordingly and keep monitoring it and make sure it manage it effectively.

Categories to be Maintained in Cash Envelope Templates

Following are the various categories you could make in your templates:

#1 – Monthly/Weekly Expenses

This category will include your monthly expenses for which you will money every month. Allocate money according to your monthly expenditures with any fail.

#2 – Meals & Entertainment

This category includes your spending on foods and entertainment. Make sure you allocate the money and stick to it.

#3 – Emergency Fund

This category include will create outflow immediately instead amount allocated in this fund can be used in the time unexpected situations for which you are not ready in advance.

#4 – Personal Finance

It includes all the concerned expenses that you will incur on a day to day basis.

#5 – Car, Auto & Gas

This category will include your expenses to be incurred on car, repairs, fuel, etc.

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