Divide in Excel Formula

How to Divide using Excel Formulas?

Below are some of the examples through which you will learn how to use formulas to divide numbers in excel and calculate percentages.

You can download this Division Formula Excel Template here – Division Formula Excel Template

Example #1

I have data of class students who recently appeared in the annual exam. I have the name and total marks they written the exam and the total marks they obtained in the exam.

StudentTotal MarksAchieved MarksPercentage

I need to find out the percentage of these students.

Here I need to divide the Achieved marks by Total Marks. The formula is Achieved Marks / Total Marks * 100

Division Formula in Excel Example 1-1

Here we find out the percentage of the students.

Division Formula in Excel Example 1-2

Example #2

I have a cricket scorecard. Individual runs they scored and total boundaries they hit in their innings.

Division Formula in Excel Example 2

I need to find you for how many runs once they scored a boundary.

Division Formula in Excel Example 2-1

I have divided the runs by boundary. The results are in decimals. Let me apply the Quotient in excelQuotient In ExcelThe QUOTIENT function in Excel returns only the integer quotient and ignores the remainder Quotient (Value 1/Value 2). For example, Quotient (16/6) = 2.read more to find out the result.

The quotient function requires two mandatory parameters. One is Numerator, and another one is the Denominator.

Division Formula in Excel 1-1
  • Numerator: This is the number we are dividing.
  • Denominator: From this number, we are dividing the numerator in excel.
Division Formula in Excel Example 2-2

The quotient function rounds down the values. It will not show the decimal values.

Division Formula in Excel Example 2-3

Conclusion: Sachin hit a boundary for every 14th run, Sehwag hit a boundary for every 9th run, and so on.

Example #3

I have one unique problem here. One day I was busy in my analysis work and one of the sales manager called and asked I have a client who is online; I pitched him for 400000 plus taxes, but he is asking me to include the tax in the 400000 itself, i.e., he is asking the product for 400000 inclusive taxes.

Here we need Tax percentage, multiplication rule, and division rule to find the base value.

Example 3

Apply the excel formula below to divide that I have shown in the image.

Example 3-1

Firstly, the inclusive value is multiplied by 100, and then it is divided by 100 + Tax percentage. This would give you the base value.

Example 3-2

Just to cross-check, you can take 18% of 338983 and add percentage value with 338983; you should get 400000 as the overall value.

Sales Manager can mention on the contract 338983 + 18% Tax.

This can also be done by using the QUOTIENT function as well. The below image is the illustration of the same.

Example 3-3

How to Handle #DIV/0! Error in Excel Divide Formula?

In excel, when we are dividing, we get excel errorsExcel ErrorsErrors in excel are common and often occur at times of applying formulas. The list of nine most common excel errors are - #DIV/0, #N/A, #NAME?, #NULL!, #NUM!, #REF!, #VALUE!, #####, Circular Reference.read more as #DIV/0!. In this section of the article, I will explain how to deal with those errors.

I have five years’ budget vs. the actual number. I need to find out the variance percentages.

budget vs actual number

Apply Excel formula to divide as shown in the below image

variance percentage

By deducting the actual cost from the budgeted cost, I got the variance amount and then divide the variance amount by the budgeted cost to get the variance percentage.

The problem here is I got an error in the last year, i.e., 2018. Because there are no budgeted numbers in the year 2018, I got #DIV/0! Error. Because we cannot divide any number by zero.

#DIV/0! Error

We can get rid of this error by using the IFERROR function in excelUsing The IFERROR Function In ExcelThe IFERROR function in Excel checks a formula (or a cell) for errors and returns a specified value in place of the error.read more.

Division Formula in Excel Example 4-3

IFERROR converts all the error values to zero.

Things to Remember

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