Percentage Difference in Excel

How to Calculate Percentage Difference in Excel?

Calculating the change among the various percentage in excelPercentage In ExcelThe percentage is calculated as the proportion per hundred. In other words, the numerator is divided by the denominator and the result is multiplied by 100. The percentage formula in Excel is = Numerator/Denominator (used without multiplication by 100). To convert the output to a percentage, either press “Ctrl+Shift+%” or click “%” on the Home tab’s “number” group. read more is easy.  Below are examples of the percentage difference.

You can download this Percentage Difference Excel Template here – Percentage Difference Excel Template

Example #1 – Percentage Increase/Decrease in Excel among the Columns.

Given below is the data to find the increase/decrease of percentageFind The Increase/decrease Of PercentagePercentage increase = (New Value - Old Value)/ Old Value. Instead of showing the delta as a Value, percentage increase shows how much the value has changed in terms of percentage more among the columns.

Example 1.1

Below are the steps to find percentage increase/decrease in excel –

  1. The change in the percentage of column 1 in excel can be easily calculated by using the difference function.

    Example 1.2

  2. Now drag the plus sign to get the change in the percentage of all columns in excel.

    Example 1.3

  3. If the resulting value is not formatted as a percentage, then we can format that cell and get the value in percentage. For formatting, go to the home tab Numbers percentage.

    Home Menu

  4. If we do not need the decimal in percentage, then we can also choose to hide them. Use the format cell option.

    Example 1.5

  5. In the Format Cell window, turn the decimal count to zero instead of 2.This will turn the decimal points off for the percentages.

    format cells

Example #2 – Percentage Change among the Rows

In this case, we will calculate the change in data if the data is presented vertically.

  • Insert the function is given below data that will calculate the percentage for prior row value and then subtract the resultant value from the percentage of next value.
Percent Difference excel example 2.1
  • Use the following formula to calculate the difference –

“Value of prior row/Total value – value of next row/total value”

Percent Difference excel example 2.2
  • Now drag the plus sign to get the difference of all the rows.
Percent Difference excel example 2.3
  • The next step is to format the result as a percentage from the format cell option. For that, First, select cells from the difference column and right-click on them, and select the format cells option.
Percent Difference excel example 2.4
  • In format cell window, select percentage and change decimal to zero.
Format cells
  • Then the result will look like the following.
Difference in percentage example 2.5

Example #3  – Output is reduced by a certain Percentage.

Not only can we calculate the change between the two percentages, but we can also calculate the amount that will result if there is a certain percentage decrease.

  • Use the following data to see the reduction in output by a certain percentage.
Difference in percentage example 3.1
  • Develop a formula that will reduce the amount by said percentage. The formula will be as below.

Amount*(1-reduction required)

Difference in percentage example 3.2
  • Reduction in the output by a certain percentage for all values will be as follows –
difference in percentage example 3.3

Example #4 – Percentage Increase / Decrease Between Two Numbers

We can also show the change between two amounts as a percentage in excel.

This means that we can choose to show that by how much percentage the amount has been reduced.

  • Use the following data to find a percentage difference between the two numbers.
Difference in percentage example 4.1
  • Develop a function that will calculate the change and then calculate the percentage. The formula will be as below.

(New amount-Old amount)/Old amount.

Difference in percentage example 4.2
  • The percentage difference between the two numbers will be –
Difference in percentage example 4.3

Things to remember

  • If we subtract two percentages, then the result will be a percentage.
  • If we are formatting a cell as a percentage, then the value of the cell first needs to be divided by 100
  • Typing .20 or 20 in a cell that is formatted as a percentage will give the same result as 20%
  • If we insert a value that is less than 1 in a cell that is to be formatted as a percentage, then excel will automatically multiply it with 100.

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