PI in Excel

PI Formula in Excel

Pi is a constant value in arithmetic which is used for calculations, where in arithmetic we have the value up to two decimals but in excel we have an inbuilt PI() function which stores the exact value up to 15 decimals, this function is used in different other formulas to for further calculation.


PI Formula

The moment you apply the PI function, it will return the value approximate to 15 digits, i.e., 3.141592653589790

How to Insert PI Formula in Excel?

Since PI does not have any arguments, let me show you how to insert the PI formula in excel.

In any of the cell, your excel worksheet open the function PI and simply close the brackets; we would have PI value here.

PI Example 1

PI value is an irrational number, so no limit for decimal points. Excel can show up to 30 decimal points, but any digit after 14 decimal points will be shown as zero.

How to Use PI Formula in Excel? (with Examples)

You can download this Pi Formula Excel Template here – Pi Formula Excel Template

Example #1

Now take an example of finding the cake’s cost per Inch. When I enquired about the cake for a New Year party, I got two quotes from the store.

  • Two kg of Cake, which is 10 CM, will cost me 500 rupees.
  • Five kg Cake, which is 15 CM, will cost me 600 rupees.

  1. Now I want to find out the cost per inch of the cake and order the cheapest cake for the party.

    PI Example 2

  2. Cake size is nothing but the diameter of the circle. The radius of the circle is always the exact half of the diameter. So arrive at the Radius of the cake by dividing the diameter by 2.

    PI Example 2-1

  3. So we got the radius as 5 for 10 inches cake.

    PI Example 2-2

  4. Drag the formula to cell C3.

    drag formula
    Now we need to calculate the area of the circle (AOC). A formula to calculate the AOC is as follows.

    AOC = PI * R2

    R = Radius of the circle.

  5. Let’s apply the formula to find the AOC. AOC is PI times radius squared.

    PI Example 2-4

  6. AOC of both the cakes is given below.

    PI Example 2-5

  7. Now calculate the cost per inch. A formula is Cost / AOC.

    pi in excel formula Example 2-6

  8. The cost per inch for both the cakes are as follows.

    pi in excel formula Example 2-7

From the above calculation, it is better to buy a cake that is 15 inches costs 4.53 rupees per inch.

Like this, we can use the PI to calculate the cost and make a decision.

Things to Remember

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