Fractions in Excel

In Excel by default the fractional values are displayed in decimals, fractions in excel are number formats where the fractions are displayed as the actual fractions rather than the decimals, they can be accessed from the format tab of the excel and then from the category list we can choose fraction and now our numbers will be in fraction format not in decimal format.

Fraction Number in Excel

We all deal with numbers in excel; we make some formatting to numbers in excel to look better and readable. Especially when we work with decimal numbers, we usually maintain two decimal points to read the number correctly.

For example, if you want to show 1.5 in the cell, we need to maintain at least one decimal point to read that as 1.5, or else it will show as 2.

Well, we all know this technique early on in the excel learnings. If you recollect your mathematics class in your school, your math teacher must have taught about fractions.

There is an alternative method to write decimal numbers in fractions. For example, instead of writing 0.5, we can write ½; instead of writing 0.25, we can write ¼; we can write 0.75 as ¾. Yes, we apply this technique to excel, as well.

We do not see this kind of a number of formatting techniques in excelFormatting Techniques In ExcelFormatting is a useful feature in Excel that allows you to change the appearance of the data in a worksheet. Formatting can be done in a variety of ways. For example, we can use the styles and format tab on the home tab to change the font of a cell or a more quite often. But instead of showing the number as 1.5, we can show as 1 ½.

We could be able to see these kinds of numbers, usually in stock market share prices. In the equity market industry, you must hear people taking in a fraction like “Co., A acquired ¼ (one fourth)of shares, Co., C sold its 2/3 (two-third of) of shares to other company.

Because we do not get to see these kinds of fraction numbers regularly in excel, we are presenting this article on Fraction numbers in Excel. Go through this entire article and learn about fraction numbers in excel.

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How to Format Numbers as Fractions in Excel?

In excel, we can format the numbers as fractions in a couple of ways. We can format numbers as fractions in two ways one is by using Number format under the Home tab, and the second one is using the Format Cell option.

You can download this Fraction in Excel Template here – Fraction in Excel Template

Method #1 – Format by Using Home Tab

I have few numbers from cell A1 to A10 with decimal points. Let’s convert them into fractions using the Home tab.

Format fraction Using Hometab Step 1

Select all the numbers from A1 to A10.

Format fraction Using Hometab Step 2

Go to the Home tab, and under Number, click on the drop-down of Number Format.

Format fraction Using Hometab Step 4

Select the Fraction option from this drop-down list.

Format fraction Using Hometab Step 5

Now it will convert all the decimal numbers to fractions.

Hometab Step 6

Method #2 – Format by Using Format Cell Option

Take the same numbers from the previous example, where I have data from cell A1 to A10 with decimal points. Let’s convert them into a fraction by using the Format Cell option.

  1. Select the cells from A1:A10

  2. Right-click on cells and select Format Cells.

    Cell Option step 1

    Instead of right-clicking and select Format Cells, you can press the shortcut key Ctrl +1. You will see the window.

    Cell Option step 2

    Under this window, select Fraction. Here we will see all kinds of fraction options under this. Select the first one.

    Cell Option step 3

    Click on ok to complete the procedure. Now we will see fraction numbers instead of decimal numbers.

    Cell Option step 4

How to use Fraction Numbers in Excel?

Now we will look at using fraction numbers practically. We will prepare a list of ingredients required for Biriyani preparation. Below are the ingredients required for Biriyani.

Let us create a template in excel sheet.

Numbers example 1

Now we have quantity in column C. In kitchen terminology, decimal numbers usually thing. We need to show then in a fraction.

Apply any one of the above 2 methods.

Numbers example 2

Now it is actually in kitchen terminology.

Things to Remember

  • We can create a fraction of up to 3 digits.
  • We can see an actual decimal number in the Formula bar.
  • If you multiply 1/4 with 2, the result will be ½.
  • We can show fractions in two ways, one as 4’s, i.e., ¼, 2/4, ¾, and another one as 8’s, i.e., 2/8, 4/8, 6/8.

This has been a guide to Fraction Number in Excel. Here we discuss how to format Fractions in Excel using Home Tab and Format Cell Option along with practical uses of fractions in excel.  You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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