ROUNDUP Function in Excel

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What is ROUNDUP Excel?

The ROUNDUP excel function calculates the rounded value of the number to the upward side or the higher side. In other words, it rounds the number away from zero. Being an inbuilt function of Excel, it accepts two arguments–the “number” and the “num_of _digits.” For example, “=ROUNDUP(0.40,1)” returns 0.4.


The syntax of the roundup excel formula is stated as follows:


The function accepts the following mandatory arguments:

  • Number: This defines the floating-point number, which is to be rounded up.
  • Num_of_digits: This defines the number of digits to which the number is to be rounded. It can be positive, negative or zero.

Note: Both the arguments of the ROUNDUP function must be integers.

The Values of “Num_of_Digits”

The “num_of_digits” argument can take the following values:

  • If “num_of_digits” is greater than 0, the number is rounded up to the defined number of decimal places.
  • If “num_of_digits” is equal to 0, the number is rounded up to the nearest integer.
  • If “num_of_digits” is less than 0, the number is rounded up to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, and so on. All the decimal places are removed.

Note: The “num_of_digits” can take values from 1 to 9 only.

How to Use the ROUNDUP Function in Excel?

You can download this ROUNDUP Function Excel Template here – ROUNDUP Function Excel Template

The ROUNDUP function works similar to the ROUND functionROUND FunctionROUND is a built-in Excel function that calculates the round number of a given number using the number of digits as an argument. The number to be rounded up to and the number of digits to be rounded up to are the two arguments to this more, except that the former rounds the number upwards. Let us consider a few examples to understand the working of the ROUNDUP formula.

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Example #1

Let us calculate the output with positive values of “num_of_digits.” This implies that the “num_of_digits” is greater than zero.

Example #2

Let us calculate the output with “num_of_digits” equal to zero.

Example #3

Let us calculate the output with negative values of “num_of_digits.” This implies that the “num_of_digits” is less than zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Define the Excel ROUNDUP function.

The ROUNDUP function helps round a number to the higher side. Being a Math and Trigonometry function, it returns an approximate value, thereby making the numbers simpler to understand.

The ROUNDUP function is used in situations where an estimate is required. As calculations become easy, reporting numerical values is no longer a complicated task. The ROUNDUP function accepts two mandatory arguments–the “number” and the “num_of _digits.”

2. How does Excel round up to the nearest whole number?

For rounding up to the nearest whole number, the “num_of _digits” in the ROUNDUP formula is specified as zero. The formula is stated as follows:


For example, “=ROUNDUP(74.26,0)” returns 75.

3. How to round a number up and down in Excel?

The ROUNDUP function rounds a number upwards while the ROUNDDOWN functionROUNDDOWN FunctionROUNDDOWN function is a built-in function in Microsoft Excel. It is used to round off the given more rounds a number downwards. In other words, the former rounds away from zero while the latter rounds towards zero.

The arguments of the ROUNDUP and the ROUNDDOWN functions are–the “number” and the “num_of _digits.” The examples of the two functions are given as follows:

• “=ROUNDUP(47.3691,2)” returns 47.37
• “=ROUNDDOWN(47.3691,2)” returns 47.36
• “=ROUNDUP(-22.468,-1)” returns -30.
• “=ROUNDDOWN((-22.468,-1)” returns -20.

This has been a guide to the ROUNDUP function of Excel. We have gone through the ROUNDUP formula in Excel, the usage, and the examples. The Excel templates can be downloaded from the site. You may also look at these useful functions in Excel –

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