Accounting Number Format in Excel

The accounting number format is also known as the currency format in excel, but there is a difference among those two also currency format is the only general currency format but accounting format is the proper currency format with the options to have decimal values which are two by default.

What is the Accounting Number Format Excel?

The Accounting format in excel is like the Currency format and can be connected to numbers where required. The contrast between the Accounting format and the Currency format is that the Accounting format puts the dollar sign, for instance, at the extreme left end of the cell, and showcases zero as a dash. Format numbers are the same as currency.

  • You can show a number with the defaulting currency symbol by choosing the cell or scope of cells, and after that, click in excel.
  • In any case, this has a couple of contrasts that make it less demanding to do accounting, for example, demonstrating zero values as dashes, adjusting all the currency symbols and decimal places, and showing negative sums in enclosures.
  • The standard accounting format in excel contains two decimal points, a thousand separator, and locks the dollar sign to the extreme left half of the cell. Negative numbers are shown in enclosures.
  • To apply the excel accounting number format in a spreadsheet program, feature every single cell, and click “Accounting Number Format” under formatting choices.

How to Apply Accounting Number Format in Excel?

You can download this Accounting Number Format Excel Template here – Accounting Number Format Excel Template

Below are the steps for applying account number in excel –

  1. Enter the values in excel to use the accounting number format in excel.

    Accounting Number Format 1

  2. Accounting number format in excel can be used in the Account Number Format ribbon first, select the cells and click on the Home tab, and selecting the accounting from the Number Format drop-down.

    Accounting Number Format 2

  3. Once you clicked on accounting, it will give you the accounting format value.

    Accounting Number Format 3

  4. If you want to remove the decimal, click on to the icon under numbers to decrease decimal:

    Accounting Number Format 4

  5. Once you remove the decimal below, you will see the value without decimals.

    Accounting Number Format 5

  6. If you want to remove the dollar or currency symbol from your value. Click right and go to format cells option in the dialogue box.

    Accounting Number Format 6

  7. Choose the accounting option under format cell and choose the symbol none if you don’t want the dollar sign with values. Click Ok.

    Accounting Number Format 7

  8. Below is the formatted data after removing symbols and decimal points.

    Accounting Number Format 8

Shortcut Keys to Use Accounting Number Format in Excel

Shortcut Keys use Accounting Format 1
Shortcut Keys use Accounting Format 2

Advantages of Using Accounting Number Format in Excel

  1. It helps you if you want to customize it with or without the symbol.
  2. It gives you help in showing the correct value with decimal points.
  3. It is just a three-step process.
  4. Very easy and convenient to use.

Disadvantages of Using Accounting Number Format in Excel

  1. This function always gives you the number format with a thousand separators.
  2. It gives you the default currency and decimal points while using this function.

Things to Remember While Using Accounting Number Format Excel

  1. Rather than choosing a range of cells, you can likewise tap on the letter over a column to select the whole column or the number next to a column to select an entire row. You can again tap the little box to one side of “A” or above “1” to choose the whole spreadsheet at once.
  2. Always check if you don’t need a symbol, remove it.
  3. Decimal is also the user’s choice if they want to put the decimal in values or not.
  4. A custom Excel number format changes just the visual representation, for example, how value is shown in a cell. The primary value put away in a cell isn’t changed.
  5. When you are modifying a worked in Excel format, a duplicate of that format is made. The first number format can’t be changed or erased.
  6. Custom number formats only affect the way a number is showing in the worksheet and do not affect the original value of the number.
  7. Any cells showing in the workbook that was formatted with the removed custom format will be shown in the default General format in the workbook.

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