Uppercase in Excel

How to Change Lowercase to Uppercase in excel? (10 Easy Steps)

You can download this Uppercase Excel Template here – Uppercase Excel Template

  1. Select the text data which you want to convert in the upper case in excel. You can choose at least one text cell to convert it.

    Upper case in Excel Example 1.1

  2. Insert the tab on the left side of the column (Left to the month column) and use the adjacent column for data in the right column:

    Upper case in Excel Example 1.2

  3. Enter the formula in both the Column to change the text cases: =Upper(text). This excel formula is used where you want the text in uppercase only.

    Upper case in Excel Example 1.3

  4. Use cell number in place of text in a column, which means that for which text you want the upper case.

    Upper case in Excel Example 1.4

  5. Press Enter. You will get the B2 cell text in upper case. It means that you have correctly made use of your formula.

    Example 1.5

  6. Drag the formula in all the rows. You will get the result with all the text version in upper case only or copy the formula from the first cell to all the cells in a column.

    Example 1.6

  7. Once the data is in uppercase, copy the data, and paste it into the original column to remove the duplicate column which you have created while using the formula.

  8. Select the column in which you have entered the formula and copy the column of the data.

    Example 1.7

  9. Use Right Click on the data, click on the Values icon under Paste Options in the dialogue box menu.

    Example 1.8

  10. Paste the value in the original column; delete the duplicate column which you have used to enter the formula to change the text case.

    Example 1.9

    Now, you will see the values with all uppercase text in your data.


  1. Uppercase in excel is a very simple formula to use in excel.
  2. It is simply worked in formulas that are intended to achieve explicit tasks.
  3. It does not affect the other data in your Excel workbook.
  4. It is easy using this function in huge data as well.
  5. Uppercase in excel is very beneficial when you are using the name of the person in your Excel workbooks.
  6. Using the excel uppercase function in your excel workbook helps you to organize and make your data presentable.
  7. This helps you to give an upper-case version of a given text in your excel sheet if you are using the upper case formula punctuation, and numerical values are not affected.


  1. Excel uppercase function is not inbuilt in the excel ribbon toolbar.
  2. To use this function, you always need to copy and paste the data from one column to another column.
  3. There is no shortcut key in excel to use this function in excel.

Things to Remember

  1. Make sure when you are copying the formula cells, always paste it in value format only otherwise, all your data will be mismatched, and it gives you the wrong result.
  2. Always add the temporary or duplicate column in your sheet to use this formula because it will help you to paste the values in your original column.
  3. Don’t forget to delete the duplicate column from your data.
  4. There is no shortcut key to use this function in the excel workbook.
  5. While inserting the duplicate column, have two options you can either delete the column or hide the column from your Excel workbook.
  6. When you have imported some text data or copied the data in your Excel worksheet, occasionally, the words have incorrect capitalization or case. For e.g., all the text case are in lower case, which shows that data is not in the correct case, and it results in the bad presentation of your data.

This has been a guide to Uppercase in Excel. Here we discuss how to convert lowercase text to uppercase in excel along with examples and a downloadable excel template. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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