Wrap Text in Excel

What is Wrap Text in Excel?

Wrap text in Excel belongs to the “Formatting” class of excel function that does not make any changes to the value of the cell but just change the way a sentence is displayed in the cell. This means that a sentence that is formatted as warp text is always the same as that sentence that is not formatted as a wrap text.

How to Wrap Text in Excel Automatically and Manually?

This is the most simple and quickest method of using the function of Wrap text.

You can download this Wrap Text Excel Template here – Wrap Text Excel Template

Method #1 – By using the Wrap Text Option from the Ribbon

Select the cell that needs the Wrap Text and then go to the Home Tab and then from there, choose the option of wrap Text. We will get the text displayed as below after Wrap Text.

Wrap Text method 1

Method #2 – Using the Formatting Cell Option to use Wrap Text.

Sometimes for those people who do not use the mouse often, they can use this Keyboard excel shortcut to wrap text.

Below are the steps of wraping text using formatting cell option –

  1. Select the cell that needs Wrap text and then press the shortcut key CTRL+1.

    method 2

  2. After the keyboard shortcut is pressed, then the below window, from where we can choose the function of Wrap text and then click on OK.

    method 2-1

Method #3 – Wrap Text Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Wrap text can also be directly applied by the below keyboard shortcut.

Wrap Text Shortcut

First, we need to press the Alt key. Then we need to release the Alt key and press the H key.

We will be applied to the first selected cell. After the H key is pressed and released, then we need to press the W key and Wrap text.

method 3-1

Method #4 – How to Insert a Line Break Manually?

We can make some changes to the excel Wrap text function. We can as per we will insert a line break as per our need.

To insert a line break, we just need to take the cursor to that part of the cell, where we need to insert a line break.

Now we need to press the below keys at one time.

ALT + Enter key

Refer to the below-given Screenshot

method 4

Things to Remember

  • Wrap text in excel will not work on Cells that are merged.
  • Wrap text function will not work if the width of the cell is already more than the width of the sentence that is entered into that cell. In this case, we need to use a line break if we need the format of the wrap text.
  • This feature might not work if “Height of Row” is fixed manually. In this case, we need to change the Row height to the “Automatic row height” function.

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This has been a guide to Wrap Text in Excel. Here we discuss how to wrap text in excel using shortcut keys for wrapping the text along with practical examples and downloadable excel templates. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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