Delta Symbol in Excel

6 Methods to Insert Delta Symbol in Excel

In excel, we have multiple ways to insert the delta symbol. Now we will show you all the ways of inserting a delta symbol in excel.

  1. Insert Delta from Insert Option
  2. Insert Delta by Shortcut Key
  3. Insert Delta by Changing the Font Name
  4. Insert Delta by CHAR Formula
  5. Insert Delta by Using Excel AutoCorrect Feature
  6. Custom Number Formatting with Delta Symbol

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Now let us discuss each of the methods in detail with an example.

You can download this Delta Symbol Excel Template here – Delta Symbol Excel Template

Method #1 – Insert Delta from Insert Option

Excel has many symbols in its arsenal. Using the Insert option, we can insert the delta symbol very quickly.

Follow the below steps to insert the DELTA symbol from the Insert tab in excel.

  1. Go to Insert tab. Under the Insert tab, find Symbols and Symbol.

    Delta symbol Example 1

  2. Now, we will see the symbols window.

    Delta symbol Example 1-1

  3. Form Subset drop-down list in excel choose Greek and Coptic. As soon as you select this option, we can see the Delta symbol.

    Delta symbol Example 1-2

  4. Next, click on Insert to insert the delta symbol.

    Delta symbol Example 1-3
    As we got the Delta symbol in cell A1. This delta symbol looks like a triangle symbol with a center filled with nothing.

  5. To insert the delta symbol with filled black color in the middle, in the symbols window, select “Geometric Shapes” under Sub Set and under Font, select “Arial”.

    Delta symbol Example 1-4

As we can see, it has a delta symbol with a center filled with black color.

Delta symbol Example 1-5

Method #2 – Insert Delta by Shortcut Key

The quick way to insert a Delta symbol with the shortcut is by using the shortcut key in excelUsing The Shortcut Key In ExcelAn Excel shortcut is a technique of performing a manual task in a quicker more. To insert the second delta symbol, i.e., “triangle with filled color,” we need to use the following keys.

  • Select the excel cell that you want to insert the delta symbol. Now hold the ALT key and press 30 from the number keypad in your keyboard.
Delta symbol Example 2
Note: 30 should be pressed from the number keyboard, which is usually located at the right end of the keyboard.

Method #3 – Insert Delta by Changing the Font Name

We can also insert a Delta symbol without any filled color by changing the font name. First, enter the text “D” in the targeted cell.

Delta symbol Example 3

Now change the font name to “Symbol” to get the delta symbol without fill in the center.

Delta symbol Example 1-6

So we got a delta symbol. So text value “D” is equal to the delta symbol in the font name “Symbol.”

Method #4 – Insert Delta by CHAR Formula

As you are aware, in excel, we have Char function in excelChar Function In ExcelThe character function in Excel, also known as the char function, identifies the character based on the number or integer accepted by the computer language. For example, the number for character "A" is 65, so if we use =char(65), we get more to insert special characters with numbers supplied to it.

In the targeted cell, open the Char function.

Delta symbol Example 4

Enter the number as 114 and hit enter to get the character as “r.”

Delta symbol Example 4-2

Now change the font name to “Wingdings 3” to get delta symbol without fill.

Delta symbol Example 4-3

To get the delta symbol with center fill, change the Char function number from 114 to 112.

Delta symbol Example 4-4

So number 112 in Char function is a delta with fill.

Method #5 – Insert Delta by Using Excel AutoCorrect Feature

Probably most of the people are not aware of Excel’s autocorrect feature. Using this feature, we can insert the delta symbol by entering the text as per our wish.

In settings, we need to specify the text that we need to type. Follow the below steps to insert delta through autocorrect in excelAutocorrect In ExcelExcel's AutoCorrect feature automatically corrects commonly misspelt words, extends a short phrase to a full sentence, and even pops up a full form of an abbreviation. It also automatically capitalizes the first word after a full more.

Step 1: Copy the delta symbol from here Δ.

Step 2: Now in excel click on File >>> Options.

Delta symbol Example 5

Step 3: In the next window, go to “Proofing” and AutoCorrect Options.

Delta symbol Example 5-1

Step 4: Now, in the below window, paste the copied delta symbol in the “With” box.

Delta symbol Example 5-2

Step 5: In the Replace box, type the text as per your wish.

Delta symbol Example 5-3

Step 6: Now click on the “Add” button to add to Autocorrect Option, then click on Ok and close the window.

Delta Example 5-4

Step 7: Now come back to worksheet and type “ABCD” in capital letters, then hit the enter key and see what value we get in cell A1.

Delta Symbol 5

Instead of getting “ABCD,” we got a delta symbol here.

Since we have set the autocorrect option of typing the text “ABCD,” we set the autocorrect value as a delta.

Method #6 – Custom Number Formatting with Delta Symbol

In dashboard creation, we have seen delta symbols with different colors. We will show simple data with how to insert delta symbols in excel using a custom number format in excel.Custom Number Format In Excel.In Excel, Custom Number Format refers to changing the format of the numeric values as per your preferences to make the data look more visually appealing. This includes formatting large numbers in thousands or millions, formatting dates to only display the month names etc. read more

Delta Example 6

For this data first, find the variance column.

Step 1: To find the variance column, insert the formula as Variance = Actual – Target

Delta Example 5-5

Step 2: Now select variance data and press Ctrl + 1 to open format options.

Delta Example 5-6

Step 3: In the format, the window goes to Custom and type General Δ.

Delta xample 6-1

Step 4: Hit Ok, we will get a delta symbol with numbers.

Delta Example 6-2

But this isn’t the ideal way of showing the delta symbol. Both positive and negative numbers are showing with an upward delta symbol, so we need to show positive variance numbers in the upward delta and negative variance numbers in the downward delta. To apply this copy, these two delta symbols. ▲▼

Step 5: Select the variance column and open format dialogue box, then go to Custom and apply format like the below.

Delta Example 6-3

Step 6: Press Ok to apply the formatting. Now we will see upward delta symbol for positive variance and downward delta symbol for the negative variance.

Delta Example 6-4

Step 7: Still, we can apply colorful formatting for this variance numbers. If the variance is positive, then we can apply Green color, and for negative variance values, we can apply RED color.

So, for this, below is the formatting code.

Delta Example 6-5

This will apply the formatting below.

Delta symbol Example 6-6

Things to Remember

  • The Delta symbol comes in two ways one is filled delta, and another one is empty delta.
  • CHAR function can insert both kinds of delta symbols in excel.
  • The Delta symbol is used in the dashboard, creating with eye-catching colors.
  • ALT + 30 is the shortcut to insert delta symbol in excel.

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