Superscript in Excel

What is Superscript in Excel?

Superscripts are similar to the subscripts which are texts and numbers smaller than the rest of the text but they appear above the rest of the text in excel and to use this type of formatting option in our data we need to right-click on the cell and from the format cells tab in the font section check the superscript option.

How to Superscript in Excel? (Using Top 5 Methods)

Here are the top 5 methods to superscript in excel –

You can download this Superscript Excel Template here – Superscript Excel Template

#1 – Long method

Superscript in Excel

In the dialog box, we can tick for the checkbox of ‘Superscript’ and then click on ‘OK.’

Superscript in Excel - long method

#2 – Short Method

The above-mentioned method was long. We could also use the shortcut key, which is Ctrl+Shift+F, Alt+e.

Superscript in Excel - Short method

Please note that the keys should not be pressed simultaneously. Each key combination should be pressed and released in turn:

Superscript in Excel - Short method (Alt+E)

  • Hit the Enter key to apply the formatting and close the dialog.

#3 – Equation Method

To insert an equation, the steps are:

Insert tab -> Symbols Group -> Equation Command

Superscript in Excel - Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) Method 4

The contextual tab ‘Design’ will open like below:

And the input box will open to enter the equation like below.

Equation Method

We need to select the ‘Superscript’ option from the script.

Equation Method 1

After selecting ‘Superscript option in excel,’ the input box will appear like below:

Equation Method 2

We need to type the number in both the boxes and the result will appear like below.

Equation Method 3

We could also use the ‘Ink Equation’ option from the ‘Tools’ group, which allows us to write the equation with a mouse and preview the same how the excel recognizes the same.

Equation Method 4

Equation Method 5

After we click on the ‘Insert’ button, the text will appear in the text box.

Equation Method 6

Cons of Using Equation Method

This method inserts math as an Excel object, not a cell value. We can move, resize and rotate the equations by using the handles, but we cannot reference them in formulas.

#4 – To Type Superscript with Alt Key

MS Excel also offers us to type superscripted numbers (only 1, 2, and 3) using the Alt Key. To do the same, we need to press some numbers while pressing the Alt Key.

Superscript in Excel -To type superscript with Alt Key

Specified shortcuts will only work if the font chosen is ‘Calibri’ or ‘Arial.’ If we have selected any other font, then the characters may be different, which we get after typing these codes.

The superscripted number or the number written with this are converted into ‘Number String.’ That is why we cannot use these values for calculation.

#5 – Char Function Method

We can also use the ‘Char’ function for typing superscripted numbers. The details are as below:

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method

Like the previous method, this formula output is a string, which we cannot use for calculations in excel.

If we had to add the same superscripted number to all the numbers, then we can use the ‘Custom’ format.

The steps are as follow:

Suppose we have 5 numbers to which we need to add a superscript shortcut in excel.

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 1

We will select the numbers and then press Ctrl+1 to open the ‘Format Cells’ dialog box and select the ‘Number’ tab.

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 2

In the ‘Number’ tab, we will select the Custom and type the desired superscript 0² and then click on ‘OK.’

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 3

The output will be:

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 4

Unlike the previous method, this only changes the visual representation of the cell, not the real value in the cell (the difference can be checked by check the ing value in the formula bar and in the cell). If we use the cell in any of the formulae, the real value (formula bar value) will be used for calculation.

Superscript Shortcut in Excel

For example, we can use superscript shortcuts to write square units like m2 or inch2, ordinal numbers such as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, or exponents in math such as 23 or 52.

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 5

To do the same, we have used the shortcut keys.

  • Ctrl+F1 to open the ‘Format Cells’ dialog box
  • Alt+E to tick the ‘Superscript’ checkbox
  • Hitting enter.

Things to Remember

  • Most Excel formatting can be applied to any data type in the same way, but the Superscript shortcut has a different story. We cannot apply superscript shortcuts to numbers, as this would convert numbers to strings. If we want to make calculations then we need to use the ‘^’ operator like below for getting the effect of power (Superscripted number).

Superscript in Excel - Char Function Method 6

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