Format Painter in Excel

What is a Format Painter in Excel?

Format Painter in Excel is a tool which is used to copy the same format of a cell or a group of cells to the other cells. It is located on the home tab in the clipboard section, to copy the format the cells containing the format is to be selected first and then we click on the format painter button and then select the cells which we want to format.

We often copy the content of cells but ever wondered how we can copy only the formatting of the cell and that too without copying the value of the cell. Yes, this is possible to copy and paste only the formatting of one cell to another cell with the help of a format painter.

  • Using a format painter tool, we can copy the look of one cell or of the complete range of the cells and paste that onto other cells or range.
  • Format painter is the inbuilt tool of excel that belongs to the formatting class of functions. This tool can be used to copy the border, font style, the color of the cell, adjusting the width of the cell and all the interiors of the cells to another cell that is not at all formatted or formatted in a way that is not desired.
  • The great thing that comes with the format painter is that its use is not restricted to a single cell. We can use the format painter on the complete workbook to get it formatted like the other workbook.
  • The format of the worksheet maybe a border on the header, separate color on negative numbers, and much more. Now, if we have already created a workbook that is in the required format, we can always use the format painter tool and simply make the raw workbook as the formatted workbook with the help of a format painter.

So, now we do not need to spend time on formatting a workbook again and again as we have the format painter tool in excel.

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How to Use Format Painter in Excel?

You can download this Format Painter Excel Template here – Format Painter Excel Template

Example #1 – Formatting the Cells in Excel

In this method, we will copy the formatting of the range to another range.

  1. Select the range that is formatted.

    Format Painter Example 1

  2. Go to the “Home “Tab. From the home tab, there will be the option of format the painter.

    Format Painter Example 1-1

    Click on this option and then select the range where the format has to be applied. After the formatting is applied, we will get the range formatted as an original.

    Format Painter Example 1-2

Example #2 – Formatting the Conditional Formatted Data

In this method, we can use the format painter to apply the conditional formatting from one range to another range of cells.

Step 1: Select the Range of data and Click on Format Painter.

Format Painter Example 2

The steps will be the same as explained above, but the only difference is that in this case, we also copy the conditional formatting of the cellsConditional Formatting Of The CellsConditional formatting for blank cells can be accessed via the new rules of conditional formatting tab and then in cells that contain a blank value (the second option). read more.

Format Painter Example 2-1

Example #3 – Formatting the Shape of Object

In this method, we will format the object.

Step 1: Insert the shape.

A shape can be inserted by going to the “INSERT” tab and choosing the required shape.

Example 3

Step 2: Now select the shape that has all the formatting as we need and click on format painter.

Example 3-1

Step 3: Now select the shape that needs to be formatted in excelFormatted In ExcelFormatting is a useful feature in Excel that allows you to change the appearance of the data in a worksheet. Formatting can be done in a variety of ways. For example, we can use the styles and format tab on the home tab to change the font of a cell or a more, and all the formatting will be copied on to the shape.

Example 3-2

Example #4- Format Painter on a Complete Worksheet

In this case, we will format the complete workbook instead of a single cell or range.

Step 1: Select the complete workbook that is already formatted or has the properties that are required and then click on the format painter option.

Example 4

Step 2: Select the worksheet that wants to be Formated; then, it will be automatically applied.

Example 4-1

Things to Remember

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