Euro Symbol in Excel

Euro Symbol in Excel

In MS Excel, there are various ways to enter the ‘EURO’ symbol and the usage of the symbol. Here we discuss top 5 methods to type Euro Symbol along with examples

#1 – Using Shortcut Key

We can use a shortcut key to insert the ‘EURO’ symbol in the cell of MS Excel. The shortcut key is ‘Alt+0128’. We need to press the keys for ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, and ‘8’ while pressing ‘Alt’ key to enter the ‘EURO’ symbol in the cell.

Using Shortcut Key

#2 – Using ‘CHAR Function’

CHAR FunctionCHAR FunctionThe character function in Excel, also known as the char function, identifies the character based on the number or integer accepted by the computer language. For example, the number for character "A" is 65, so if we use =char(65), we get more‘ is one of the text functionText FunctionTEXT function in excel is a string function used to change a given input to the text provided in a specified number format. It is used when we large data sets from multiple users and the formats are more. This function outputs character specified by the code number from the character set of the computer. We can also this function to insert the line break. For line break, we need to use the ’10’ number as an argument to this function. This function can also be used in VBA codeVBA CodeVBA code refers to a set of instructions written by the user in the Visual Basic Applications programming language on a Visual Basic Editor (VBE) to perform a specific more for the application.

If we discuss the syntax of the ‘CHAR Function’, it is as follows:

Using 'CHAR Function'

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For eg:
Source: Euro Symbol in Excel (

#3 – Argument of the Function

Number: We need to specify the number from 1 to 255 as per the character set of the computer. If we specify a number less than 1 or greater than 255, this function returns #VALUE error.

To generate ‘EURO Symbol’ using the ‘CHAR Function’, the syntax is as follows:

Argument of the function 1

We need to use ‘128 number’ as an argument to the function to generate ‘EURO Symbol’. We will close the parenthesis for the function and get the output.

Argument of the function 1-1

#4 – Using the ‘Insert’ Tab

There is a command named ‘Symbol’ available in the ‘Symbols’ group under the ‘Insert’ tab.

We can use this command to insert various types of symbols, which is not available on our keyboard.


  • First, we need to select the cell where we want to insert the ‘EURO’ symbol and then click on this command.
Using 'Insert' Tab 1
  • A dialogue box named ‘Symbol’ will open where we can choose our desired ‘EURO’ Choose ‘Arial’ for the ‘Font’ and ‘Currency Symbols’ for ‘Subset’ so that we can have ‘EURO’ symbol as an option in the list to choose. We need to click on the ‘Insert’ button to insert the ‘EURO’ symbol in the cell.
Using 'Insert' Tab 1-1
  • After clicking on the ‘Insert’ button, we get the result as follows:
Using 'Insert' Tab 1-2

#5 – Using the ‘Replace’ Method

In this method, we make changes in the settings of the application so that whenever we type some specified phrase, the text is replaced with the specified text, which we have specified in the settings. In our example, we need to replace the text with the ‘EURO’ symbol. To do the same, we will take the following steps:

  • We will click on the ‘File’ tab from the ribbon.
Using 'Replace' Method 1
  • We will choose ‘Options’ from the menu.
Using 'Replace' Method 1-1
  • From the menu on the left side of the ‘Excel Options’ dialogue box, we will choose ‘Proofing’.
Using 'Replace' Method 1-2
  • We now need to click on ‘AutoCorrect Options’ to add an entry into the list to replace the specified phrase with the specified phrase.
Using 'Replace' Method 1-3
  • We need to choose the ‘AutoCorrect’ tab from the tabs to add the entry.
Using 'Replace' Method 1-4
  • We need to specify the replacement entry as below:
Using 'Replace' Method 1-5
  • We need to click on the ‘Add’ button to add the entry into the list and then click on ‘OK’.
Using 'Replace' Method 1-6

Now whenever we type ‘EURO’, the word is automatically replaced with ‘EURO Symbol (€)’.

Using 'Replace' Method 1-7

We can also use the EURO symbol to format the number as currency as required.

Euro Symbol in Excel – Examples

Example #1

Suppose, we have the following data for sales of an organization for 3000 rows.

Euro Symbol Example 1

As we can see in the above data that data in ‘Unit Price’,Unit CostUnit CostUnit cost is the total cost (fixed and variable) incurred to produce, store and sell one unit of a product or service. It is calculated by adding fixed and variable expense and dividing it by the total number of units more, ‘Total Revenue’, ‘Total Cost’ and ‘Total Profit’ column is in number format. We need to format this data as the currency of EURO; otherwise; it is not accurate for the user to view the data in this format.

To do the same, we need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • We need to select a column from column H to column L as this data is related to the currency.
Euro Symbol Example 1-1
Euro Symbol Example 1-2
  • We need to click on the ‘Number’ tab and then choose ‘Currency’ from the list on the left side to get the list of various currencies to choose from.

As we have to apply the format for ‘EURO’ currency, we will choose the same from the list for ‘Symbol’.

Euro Symbol Example 1-3
  • We will click on the ‘OK’ button to apply the format for the ‘EURO’ currency for the selected data.
Euro Symbol Example 1-4

The data is the format as currency using the EURO symbol. We could also use the VBA code to format the data as currency in the EURO symbol.

Example #2

Suppose we have the same data as in Example 1. However, this time, we will be using the VBA code to format the data as currency using the EURO symbol.

Euro Symbol Example 2

To format the number as the currency of EURO using VBA code, we need to take the following steps:

Euro Symbol Example 2-1
  • Click on ‘ThisWorkbook’ from the list on the left side of the Visual Basic Editor to write the code.
Euro Symbol Example 2-2
  • We need to define a subroutine so that whenever we select the required range and run this macro, the data is formatted as a currency of €.


Sub FormattingDataAsEuroCurrency()
  Dim cell As Range
  For Each cell In Selection
  cell.NumberFormat = "€ #,##,###.00"
End Sub
  • Quit the ‘Visual Basic Editor’ using a shortcut key, which is ‘Alt+Q’.

Now we need to select the range from I2:M3000 and run the macro using the ‘Macros’ command available in the ‘Code’ group under the Developer tabDeveloper TabEnabling the developer tab in excel can help the user perform various functions for VBA, Macros and Add-ins like importing and exporting XML, designing forms, etc. This tab is disabled by default on excel; thus, the user needs to enable it first from the options more.

Euro Symbol Example 2-3

The data is formatted.

Euro Symbol Example 2-4

Things to Remember

  1. Make sure that the Excel workbook with VBA code is saved with an extension of .xlsm extension as otherwise, we would not be able to run the VBA code.
  2. While entering the EURO symbol using the Alt+0128 shortcut key, make sure that the ALT key is continuously pressed while pressing number keys, which are 0, 1, 2, and 8.

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