Formatting Text in Excel

How to Format Text in Excel?

Formatting of text in excel includes, color, font name, font size, alignment, font appearance in terms of bold, underline, italic, background color of the font cell, etc.

You can download this Formatting Text Excel Template here – Formatting Text Excel Template

#1 Text Name

You can format the text font from default to any of the other available fonts in excel. Enter any text value in any of the cells.

Excel Formatting Text Example 1

Under the HOME tab, you can see so many formatting options available.

Example 1.1

Formatting has been categorized into 6 groups, i.e., Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, and Style.

In this, we are formatting the font of cell value A1, i.e., “Hello Excel.”For this under the “Font” category, click on the drop-down list of “Font Name” and select the font name as you wish.

Excel Formatting Text Example 1.2.0

In the above, I just hover on one of the font names, and we can see the immediate preview in cell A1. If you are satisfied with the font style, then click on the name to fix the font name for the selected cell value.

#2 Font Size

Similarly, we can format the font size of the text in a cell as well. For this, just type the font size in numbers next to the font name option.

Example 1.3.0

Enter the font size in numbers to see the impact.

Excel Formatting Text Example 1.4.0

#3 Text Appearance

We can modify the default view of the text value as well. We can make the text value look bold, italic, and underlined as well. For this, just look at font size and name options; you can see all these three options.

Example 1.5.0

As per the format, you can apply formatting on text value.

Example 1.7
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.6
  • To apply Italic formatting, use Ctrl + I shortcut key.
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.8
Example 1.10
  • And to apply to Underline formatting, use Ctrl + U shortcut key.
Excel Formatting a Text Example 1.11
Example 1.12
  • The below image shows a combination of all the above three options.
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.13
  • Just in case if you want to apply double underline, then click on the drop-down list of underline options and choose “Double Underline.”
Example 1.14

#4 Text Color

You can format the default font color (black) of text to any of the colors available.

Excel Formatting Text Example 1.15
  • Click on the drop-down list of the “Font Color” option and change as per your wish.
Example 1.16

#5 Text Alignment

We can format the alignment of the excel text under the “Alignment” group.

  • We can do a left alignment, right alignment, middle alignment, top alignment, and bottom alignment.
Example 1.17

#6 Text Orientation

One more important thing under Alignment we can do is “Orientation” of the text value.

Under orientation, we can rotate text values diagonally or vertically.

Excel Formatting Text Example 1.18
  • Align Counterclockwise
 Example 1.19
  • Align Clockwise
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.20
  • Vertical Text
Example 1.20
  • Rotate Text Up
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.22
  • Rotate Text Down
 Example 1.23
  • And under format cell alignment, we can have many other kinds of stuff as well. Click on this option and experiment with some of the techniques to see the impact.
Excel Formatting Text Example 1.24

#7 Conditional Text Formatting

Let’s see how to apply conditional formatting to Text in Excel.

We have learned some of the basic text formatting techniques. How about the idea of formatting only a specific set of values from the group or if you want to find only duplicate values or find unique values.

These are possible through the conditional formatting technique.

For example, look at the below list of cities.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2

From this list, let’s learn some formatting techniques.

#1 – Highlight Specific Value

If you want to highlight only the specific city name, then we can highlight specific city names only. Assume you want to highlight the city “Bangalore,” then select the data and go to conditional formatting.

 Example 2.1

Click on the drop-down list in excelDrop-down List In ExcelA drop-down list in excel is a pre-defined list of inputs for users to select an option. In simple terms, the user's response is limited to the options presented by the drop-down list. This prevents the user from manually typing entries, reducing a garbage value in the more of Conditional Formatting >>> Highlight cells Rules >>> Text that Contains.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.2

Now we will see the below window.

 Example 2.3

Now enter the text value that we need to highlight.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.4

Now from the dropdown list, choose the formatting style.

Example 2.5

Click on Ok; it will highlight only the supplied text value.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.6

#2 – Highlight Duplicate Value

In order to highlight duplicate values in excelHighlight Duplicate Values In ExcelHighlight Cells Rule, which is available under Conditional Formatting under the Home menu tab, can be used to highlight duplicate values in the selected dataset, whether it is a column or row of a more, follow the below path.

Conditional Formatting >>> Highlight cells Rules >>> Duplicate Values.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.7

Again from the below window, select the formatting style.

 Example 2.8

This will highlight only the text values that appear more than once.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.9

#3 – Highlight Unique Value

Like how we have highlighted duplicate values similarly, we can highlight all the unique values, i.e., “text value that appears only once.”From the duplicate values, the formatting window chooses the “Unique” value option.

Example 2.10.0

This will highlight only the unique values.

Excel Formatting Text Example 2.11

Things to Remember

  • Learn shortcut keys to quickly formatting text values in excel.
  • Based on certain conditions, if you want to format some text values, then use conditional formatting.

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