Excel Table Styles & Formats

How to Create and Format the Table Styles in Excel?

Below we have taken some examples to create an excel tableCreate An Excel TableIn excel, tables are a range with data in rows and columns, and they expand when new data is inserted in the range in any new row or column in the table. To use a table, click on the table and select the data range.read more and format the table styles.

You can download this Table Style Excel Template here – Table Style Excel Template

Example #1 – Creating the Table

Let us start the process by creating the table. I have a simple sales table for ten years.

Change the Table Style step 1

Place a cursor inside the data and press Ctrl + T (shortcut key to create tables). You will see a Create Table box check the box my data has headers.

Change the Table Style step 2

Now we have our table created; it looks like this.

Change the Table Style step 3

Example #2 – Change the Default Format of Table Style in Excel

Excel applied one of the default table styles in excel. In excel, we have a wide variety of inbuilt table styles to select. We can change the existing table style to excel at any point in time.

Below are the steps used to change default format of table style in excel –

  1. Place a cursor inside the table. As soon as you have selected, at least one cell of the table Design tab will activate in the ribbon.

    Default Table Style step 1

  2. Under the Design tab, we have many inbuilt table styles to select.

    Default Table Style step 2

  3. Click on the drop-down list of Table Styles you will see three kinds of categories. One is Light; the second is Medium; the third one is Dark.

    Default Table Style step 3

  4. You can select any one of them to change your existing table style. If you move over a specific table, excel will show its preview immediately.

    Default Table Style step 4

Example #3 – Create Your Own Table Format Style in Excel

We are not restricted from working with in-built table styles; rather, we create our own table style to satisfy ourselves. Under the New Table Style, we can design our new table style.

Create Table Format step 1

Click on New Table Style you will see this window.

Create Table Format step 2

The first thing you need to do is give a table name. I have given the name as “My Table Style.”

Create Table Format step 3

Now under Table Element, select the topic you want to modify. Firstly I have selected Header Row.

Create Table Format step 4

Click on Format in excelFormat In ExcelFormatting is a useful feature in Excel that allows you to change the appearance of the data in a worksheet. Formatting can be done in a variety of ways. For example, we can use the styles and format tab on the home tab to change the font of a cell or a table.read more and give your formatting. For Font, I have given Yellow color, Font Style Bold, and underline Double.

Create Table Format step 5

Now go to Fill and select the background color.

Create Table Format step 6

Click on OK to complete. We have created a style for our Row Headers, and we can see the preview.

Create Table Format step 7

Now again, under Table Element, select the First Column.

Create Table Format step 8

Again click on Format. Go to Font color Black, Font Style Bold.

Create Table Format step 9

Now go to Fill and select the background color as the light red ascent.

Create Table Format step 10

Click on OK. See the preview

Create Table Format step 11

We have created our own table format in excel. Apply and see the table style in excel. Under Design, tab click on the drop-down list of table styles. Firstly you will see the Custom table that we have created select that table style.

Create Table Format step 12

Ok, now we have applied our own table format style in excel.

Create Table Format step 13

Things to Remember

  • We need to make sure my data has headers checkbox is ticked while creating a table.
  • While designing our own table style, we need to design each section separately.
  • By applying the Total Row option, we can play with many formulas.
  • Always give a table a name of its own because it is easy to find which tables are actually working on.

This has been a guide to Excel Table Format and Styles. Here we discuss how to create, format, and change the Table Style in Excel along with practical examples and downloadable excel templates. You may also look at these useful functions in excel –

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