3D Scatter Plot in Excel

What is 3D Scatter Plot Chart in Excel?

Scatter Plot chart is often referred to as the XY chart in excel because of two kinds of data that are related to each other. We will have two sets of data, and those numbers are not just numbers. Instead, they will have a relationship between the two. To show those two sets of numbers graphically in excel, we have a chart called “Scatter Chart in ExcelScatter Chart In ExcelA Scatter plot in excel, also known as XY chart, is a two-dimensional type of chart representing data. In this chart, we have two sets of data on the X and Y axis co-related. This chart is primarily used in co-relation studies and regression studies of data.read more,” but in this article, we will show you how to create a “3D Scattered Plot Chart in Excel”.

Where to Find the 3D Scatter Plot in Excel?

A Scatter plot in excel is an in-built chart located under the Insert ribbon tab in excelInsert Ribbon Tab In ExcelRibbons in Excel 2016 are designed to help you easily locate the command you want to use. Ribbons are organized into logical groups called Tabs, each of which has its own set of functions.read more.

Go to Insert > Chart > Scatter Chart

Scatter Plot

How to Create 3D Scatter Plot in Excel? (with Example)

You can download this 3D Scatter Plot Excel Template here – 3D Scatter Plot Excel Template

To create a Scatter Plot XY Chart in excel, we need data that is interrelated. So, I have made the below data, which has a relationship between the two.

Scatter Plot Example 1

Here we have two sets of data on a monthly basis. The first one is “Campaigns Sent” and “Revenue” earned in the same month.

Here these two data sets are reacted to each other because to earn a revenue, marketing campaigns play a significant role, so our data has several campaigns sent and revenue earned from those campaigns in the month.

We can plot the relationship between these two numbers through Scattered Plot Chart. Follow the below steps to create a scattered plot chart.

  1. Select the data and go to the Insert tab and choose Scattered Chart.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-1

  2. Now, we will have the first look at the chart below.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-2

  3. This isn’t the ready chart straight forward. We need to make some settings with this chart. Right-click on the chart and choose the “Select Data” option.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-3

  4. In the below window, select “Campaigns Sent” and hit the “Remove” option.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-4

  5. In the same window, select “Revenue” and click on “Edit”.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-5

  6. In the below window for “Series X Values”, choose Campaigns data.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-6

  7. We get following graph look.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-7

  8. Now click on a bubble to select and press Ctrl + 1 to open the format data series dialogue box to the right of the chart.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-8

  9. Click on “Effects” and “3-D Format”.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-9

  10. Under 3-D Format, select “circle” type top bevel.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-10

  11. Now go to Fill and Line and choose “Marker”.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-11

  12. Under the option of Marker, Choose Vary Colours by Point. This will add a different kind of colors to each bubble. Then in the same option, go to Marker Options > Built-in and the Size = 25.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-12

  13. Now, every bubble increased by size and has different colors to it.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-13

  14. Now select the chart; we will see the Plus icon to the right of the chart. It will open up “Chart Elements”, click on Axis Titles, now we can see both a “Horizontal” and “Vertical” axis we can see “Axis Title” default value.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-14

  15. On the vertical axis, type the vertical axis text as “Revenue”, and on the horizontal axis, type the text as “Campaigns”.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-15

  16. Change the Chart Heading to Campaign vs. Revenue.

    Scatter Plot Example 1-16

Ok, now our 3D Scattered Plot is ready in excel, let’s interpret numbers from this chart now. The first bubble represents “Jan” month, and in this month’s campaign sent was 2, and the revenue generated was 2096 dollars. The second one is “Feb” month now we can see a slight impact of the campaign on revenue here, in “Feb” total campaign sent was just 1, and revenue is 2008 dollars.

Now look at the third bubble this is for “Mar” month in this month’s total campaigns sent number is 8 and revenue increased to 4025 dollars, so like this from this chart, we can show a relationship between campaigns sent and revenue generated.

So, the bottom lineBottom LineThe bottom line refers to the net earnings or profit a company generates from its business operations in a particular accounting period that appears at the end of the income statement. A company adopts strategies to reduce costs or raise income to improve its bottom line. read more is when the campaigns sent number increases, revenue generation also increases.

Things to Remember

  • 3D Scattered plot chart in excel is mainly used for showing the relationship between two sets of data related to each other.
  • The scattered chart has X & Y variables.
  • This chart is useful when we need to show the related data like “Rain Fall vs. Umbrellas Sold,” “Rain Fall vs. Crops Sold,” “Advertisement vs. Revenue.”

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