Panel Chart in Excel

How to Create a Panel Chart in Excel?

For example, look at the below data set.

You can download this Panel Chart Excel Template here – Panel Chart Excel Template

This is the stock price of four different companies in a week. First, let me show you how a regular chart looks like when we plot the graph.

Excel Panel Chart Example 1
Excel Panel Chart Example 1-1
  • Step 2: Now, we will have a chart like the below one.
Excel Panel Chart Example 1-2

For a single date, we could see four different column bars, so this is the traditional way of creating a graph for the data.

Now the panel chart doesn’t show all the elements in a single chart itself; rather, it will show column bars for each company differently.

  • Step 3: First, create a column chart for the Co., 1. Select the “Date” and “Co., 1” columns only.
Excel Panel Chart Example 1-4
  • Step 4: For this selected data, insert the column chart.
Excel Panel Chart Example 1-3
  • Step 5: Similarly, create the other three charts for the remaining four companies.
Example 1-5
  • Step 6: Next, select all the charts.

Note: Tip to select all the chart once is, “select one chart first and press Ctrl + A” it will select all the charts in the worksheet.

  • Step 7: After selecting all the charts, make the height and width of the chart equal under the “Format” tab.
Example 1-6

Now all the charts have equal size and arrange them like the below one.

Example 1-7
  • Step 8: Now, once again, select all the charts.

Note: Tip to select all the chart once is, “select one chart first and press Ctrl + A” it will select all the charts in the worksheet.

Example 1-8

This groups all the charts together and makes it one single chart.

Example 1-9

Like this using a simple method, we can create a “Panel Chart” in excel. As you can see above, each company stock price showing on different charts for the same dates.

Alternative Method to Create Panel Chart in Excel

We can create a panel chart by using other complex methods as well.

Follow the below steps to create the excel panel chart in different methods.

  1. First thing we need to do is to rearrange the data; look at the below image to rearrange the data to create a “Panel Chart” in excel.

    Create Panel Chart Step 1

  2. Select the date column and change the date format to “DD-MMM.”

    Create Panel Chart Step 2

  3. Select the entire data range and insert the “Column Chart.”

    Create Panel Chart Step 3

  4. At this point in time, you may think of a regular column chart, but one simple technique we need to use to make this as “Panel Chart” in excel.

    Insert “Blank” row after every company data.

    Create Panel Chart Step 4

  5. We have inserted a “blank” row after every company data ends, now look at the chart, and you will say wow.

    Create Panel Chart Step 5

Now, this looks like a panel chart, Wow!!!.

Like this using two methods, we can create a panel chart in excel.

Things to Remember

  • The panel chart is the chart showing different categories of data for the same segment individually but in a single chart itself.
  • If you are following method 2, then you need to rearrange the data to create a Panel chart.

This has been a guide to Panel Chart. Here we learn how to create a panel chart in excel along with examples and a downloadable excel template. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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