Dot Plots in Excel

How to Make Dot Plots in Excel? (Step by Step)

I have created one of the sample data item-wise sales numbers for five months; below is the sample data of the same. We will create a Dot Plot for this excel data. Follow the below steps:

Follow the below steps:

  1. Enter numbers 1, 2, and 3 in the next columns of the data. Refer below image.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.1

  2. Now select the first two rows of the data and insert the column chart in excel.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.2

  3. Now right-click on the chart and choose “Select Data”.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.3

  4. In the below dialogue box, choose the “Edit” option.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.4

  5. We can see the existing values as our selected range.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.5

  6. Delete these existing values and enter 0, 0, 0 for all the three items.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.6

  7. Click on the Ok, we will have a blank chart like the below one.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.7

  8. Again, right-click on the chart and choose “Select Data”. In the below window, click on the “Add” button.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.8

  9. In the below window, select the cell A1 for “Series Name” and for “Series Values”, enter 1 as the value.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.9

  10. Click on the Ok, we will have a chart like the below one.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.10

  11. Now right-click on the chart and choose “Change Chart Type”.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.11

  12. In the below window, select “Combo”.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.12

  13. For “Item 1”, choose “Scattered Chart” and click on the Ok.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.13

  14. Now, we will have a chart like the below with just a dot, column bar replaced with just a dot.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.14

  15. Right-click on the chart and choose “Select Data” again. In the next window, select “Item 1” and click on “Edit”.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.15.0

  16. Now, we can see below the options window.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.16

  17. For “Series Name”, choose cell A1, for “Series X Values”, choose the column which has number 1 (the one we have entered manually in step 1), and for “Series Y Values”, choose Item 1 numbers.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.17.0

  18. Click on the Ok, now we will have a dot plot chart for “Item 1”.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.18

  19. Now we need to repeat the same process for the other two items, i.e., “Item 2” and “Item 3”.

    Below is for Item 2.

    Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.19.0

Below is for Item 3.

Dot Plots in Excel Example.1.20.0

Now we will have a “Dot Plot” chart ready like the below one.


As we can see, instead of the traditional “Column Bar” chart, we have a “Dot Plot” chart.

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