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Excel Infographics

Infographics in excel is the way of showing the information or summary report through attractive charts, graphs, and images. In other words infographics are the art of visualizing the data using external elements or images. They are different from dashboards and require the architectural mind to build your own infographics in excel.


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How to Create People Graph Infographics in Excel?

Now we will see some of the examples of creating infographics in excel.

You can download this Infographics Excel Template here – Infographics Excel Template

People Graph is the new additional feature available from ExcelFeature Available From ExcelThe top features of MS excel are - Shortcut keys, Summation of values, Data filtration, Paste special, Insert random numbers, Goal seek analysis tool, Insert serial numbers etc. read more 2013 versions onwards. This is a graph available with Excel 2013 onwards versions under the INSERT tab.

excel people graph Example 1.png

For example, below is an organization’s departmental manpower, and for this data, we will show you how to create people graph infographics in excel.

 Example 1.1

Steps to create an infographics in excel are as follows.

  1. Copy the data to the excel worksheet, select the data to go to the INSERT tab, and click on “People Graph.”

    Infographics in Excel Example 1.2.0

  2. First, it will show about numbers of this particular app.

    Infographics in Excel Example 1.3

  3. Click on the “Data” icon at the top.

    Infographics in Excel Example 1.4

  4. Choose “Select Data”.

    Infographics in Excel Example 1.5

  5. Now, it will show sample data preview, but at the bottom, it shows how many rows and columns in excel are selected. Now click on “Create” to get your first People Graph.

    Infographics in Excel Example 1.6

We get the following People Graph.

Example 1.7

Not all the departments are showing here; we need to expand the chart to see all the department data.

From the data, the tab changes the title of the chart.

excel people graph Example 1.8.0

Click on “Settings” options to format the chart.

 Example 1.9

In this “Settings,” we have three options, i.e., “Type,” “theme,” and “Shape.”

excel people graph Example 1.10.0

From the type, we can choose a different kind of people graph.

Example 1.11.0

Under “Theme,” we can change the color background of the chart.

infographics in excel Example 1.12.0

Under “Shape,” we can change icons of the chart.

People Graph in excel Example 1.13

How to Use External Images to Create Infographics?

We have seen people graph infographics in excel; we can build infographics by using external images as well. For the same data, we will use a human image from outside excel.

I have downloaded the below human image from the internet into excel worksheet.

infographics in excel Example 2

First, insert a bar chart in excelInsert A Bar Chart In ExcelBar charts in excel are helpful in the representation of the single data on the horizontal bar, with categories displayed on the Y-axis and values on the X-axis. To create a bar chart, we need at least two independent and dependent more for the data.

People Graph in excel Example 2.1

Now we have a chart like this.

excel people graph Example 2.2

What you have to do is copy the human image >>> select the bar and paste it.

 Example 2.3

We need to format the chart to make it more beautiful. Select the bar and press Ctrl + 1 to open the formatting tab to the right side.

excel people graph Example 2.4

Make the “Gap Width” as 0%.

Example 2.5

Now go to “Fill” and click on “Fill.”Make the fill as “Picture or Texture Fill” and check the option of “Stack and Scale Width.”

excel people graph Example 2.6

Now our chart looks like this.

 Example 2.7

Now assume we have a segregation of “Male” and “Female” employees.

Infographics in Excel Example 3

In the infographic chart, we need to show male and female human images. I have downloaded male and female images from the internet.

Example 3.1

Select the data and insert the “Stacked Bar” chart.

Infographics in Excel Example 3.2

Now we have a chart like this.

Example 3.3

Copy the “Male” image and paste it on an orange-colored bar.

excel people graph Example 3.4

Copy the “Female” image and paste it on a yellow-colored bar.

 Example 3.5

Select the male bar and format the data series as we did in the previous example. Do the same thing for the “Female” chart as well, and we have a segregation of “Male” and “Female” separately now.

excel people graph Example 3.6

We do one more thing to show male and female employees differently. Arrange the data in the below manner.

 Example 3.7

I have converted male employee’s numbers to, now, we can see male employees to the left and female employees to the right.

infographics in excel Example 3.8

Example #3

Now we will build one more infographic before we wind up this article. Look at the below data of department-wise salary numbers.

 Example 4

For this data, we will build the below kind of infographic chart.

Infographics in Excel Example 4.7

Select the data and insert the Line chart in excelLine Chart In ExcelLine Graphs/Charts in Excels are visuals to track trends or show changes over a given period & they are pretty helpful for forecasting data. They may include 1 line for a single data set or multiple lines to compare different data sets. read more.

 Example 4.1

Now we have a chart like this.

Infographics in Excel Example 4.2

Change the line color and font colors.

 Example 4.3

Copy the below visual from the internet to excel.

Infographics in Excel Example 4.4

Select the line marker now.

Example 4.5

After selecting the markers to paste the copied image.

Infographics in Excel Example 4.6

Now you can add extra elements to the chart as per the requirement.

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