Gauge Chart in Excel (Speedometer)

What is Gauge Chart in Excel?

Gauge chart in excel is also known as speedometer chart because of its resemblance to a speedometer, because it resembles a speedometer it uses dials to visualize the information on the data, it is basically a combination of two different types of charts which are doughnut chart and pie chart, it can be used by creating a combo chart option in excel.

Attributes of Gauge Chart in Excel (Speedometer Chart)

  1. Maximum value: It shows the value of the maximum range of gauge chart, e.g., the maximum value is 180 in a motorbike.
  2. Minimum Value: It shows the value of the minimum range of gauge chart, e.g., the minimum value is 0 in a motorbike.
  3. Speed: To check the speed of the vehicle, we are using the speedometer/gauge chart to check the exact information because it is not stable.
  4. A gauge chart is used in business to check how much revenue has been achieved versus the goal.
  5. We can also check the temperature of a person, as a thermometerThermometerIn Excel, a Thermometer Chart is a progressive chart type used to display the “Achieved Percentage v/s Targeted Percentage” by representing employees’ performance or Quarterly Revenue Target v/s Actual Percentage, etc. read more

How to Create a Gauge Chart in Excel? (with Step by Step Examples) 

You can download this Gauge Chart Excel Template here – Gauge Chart Excel Template

Example #1 – Create a Gauge Chart in Excel with Single Value

  1. Choose the data with a single value, as shown below:

    Gauge Chart Example 1

  2. Select the data in your information and additionally incorporate the headers
    from your information.

    Gauge Chart Example 1-1

  3. Tap on the Inset tab, in the Charts, tap the insert pie or doughnut diagram or, and select the chart which suits your information:

    Gauge Chart Example 1-2

  4. Your Chart looks like as given below:

    Gauge Chart Example 1-3

  5. Right-click on the speedometer chart, select the format data series option.

    Gauge Chart Example 1-4

  6. Select a series option and set an angle of the first pie to 90 degrees to make data in a semi-circular form.

    Format data Series

    Then the chart looks like this.

    Speedometer Chart in Excel

  7. Right, click on the bottom slice of pie. Click on a format data point.

    Click on a format data point

  8. Select no fill; it will make the bottom slice invisible.

    Format Data Point

  9. Now, here is a Gauge Chart, which looks like a speedometer in excel. Add a Chart Title to it.

    Speedometer Chart in Excel

    In this chart, the right-hand side slice of grey color shows the profit which shows in our which we have selected while preparing the gauge chart.

    Note: By the same method, we can make the gauge chart by using the multiple values.

Example #2 – Create a Gauge Chart in Excel with Multiple Values

  • We are taking the data on the quality of the product like average, good, excellent, etc. Mention below is the data:
Gauge Chart Example 2
  • Step 1: Select the data and select the excel doughnut chart, as shown above, while creating the gauge chart with a single value. Once it is done, you will get the gauge chart (speedometer).
Gauge Chart Example 2-1
  • Step 2: Select a Format Data series option and
Select a Format Data series option
  • Step 3: Set an angle of the first pie (which one is large) to 90 degrees.
FOrmat data series
  • Step 4: It rotates the chart on the right side.
Gauge Chart Example 2-4
  • Step 5: Right-click on a large slice of pie. Click on Format Data Point.
Click on format data point
  • Step 6: Click on Fill and select no fill; it will make the slice invisible.
Format data points
  • Step 7: Finally, we have prepared the gauge charge quality-wise. Here is a chart.
Speedometer Chart in Excel


  1. It is easy to understand for everyone.
  2. It is easy to use in excel.
  3. Anyone can read and understand what the gauge chart depicts.
  4. A gauge chart can be prepared from a single value or multiple values.


  1. It is not the best method to present a single measure.
  2. Gauge Chart is not able to portray the context of the sample.
  3. People who are color blindly, they won’t be able to get the information through a gauge chart.
  4. It requires a lot of space when you want to display different information on a single chart.

Things to Remember

  1. Always take the values which have no dimensions.
  2. If you want to communicate your data through a gauge, so it is mandatory to understand the audition, whether they understand the data or not.
  3. Always make your chart more attractive so that it shows clear information by using different colors.
  4. Always select the appropriate data to get the chart in a better way.
  5. Always remember to invisible that slice of pie, which is larger in size.
  6. If the data is small, the better you can understand the data and make a better gauge chart.

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