Organization Chart in Excel

What is an Organization Chart in Excel?

Organization charts in excel are used to represent the organization structure of any business or company, it is used to represent the reporting or the hierarchy for every employee associated with the organization, to use this chart we need to use the pre defined smart art templates present in excel.

How to Create an Organization Chart in Excel?

You can download this Organization Chart Excel template here – Organization Chart Excel template

Lets start.

  1. Click on the Excel worksheet where you want to add the organization chart and Goto Insert tab -> SmartArt.

    Organization Chart Example 1

  2. Clicking on it would open a new window as shown in the above Figure, Click on the 5th option from the left side panel named ‘Hierarchy’.

    Organization Chart Example 1-1

  3. Observe that the options in the right-hand panel will change accordingly. Select 1st option in the 1st row i.e. Organization Chart as given below.

    Organization Chart Example 1-2

  4. Clicking on OK would close the dialog box and insert an organization chart layout in your active worksheet, as shown in the figure given below.

    Organization Chart Example 1-3

  5. As you can see in the above picture, the organization chart consists of 2 panes, a text pane on the left and a SmartArt graphics pane on the right.

    The text pane is a well-aligned bullet list of the data that acts as an input to the SmartArt graphics. You can type the desired text inside [Text]. [Text] is a placeholder text meaning it would be replaced as you go on entering the actual text. Whatever you type in the left pane automatically gets reflected in the right-side SmartArt graphics.

    Organization Chart Example 1-4

  6. At the bottom of the left-side text pane, you see the description of the SmartArt graphic i.e. organization chart in this case.

    Organization Chart Example 1-5

    The SmartArt graphic is mapped to the left-side pane based on the alignment of the bullets and sub-bullets. So, it consumes the Text values entered in the left-side pane and automatically updates the graphical representation denoting the same.


Create an Organization Chart to show a given Organization Hierarchy.

Vice President





                   | Engineer 1

                   | Engineer 2

Step 1:

  • As studied before, follow this path to insert an organization chart in your Excel worksheet.

Insert -> SmartArt – > Hierarchy -> Organization Chart.

  • A default Organization Chart excel template as follows would be inserted in your worksheet.
Organization Chart Example 1-3

Step 2:

  • Click on the very first [Text] and enter the top-most role given in the problem statement i.e. Vice President.
  • You see that the graphic also changed accordingly.
  • Now, the organization chart has the top-most role as Vice President.
OC Example 1-6

Step 3:

  • The next role in the hierarchy is Manager. There’s only 1 manager under the Vice President.
  • The 2nd bullet is a sub-bullet. So, enter ‘Manager in the 2nd text box.
  • Now, there’s the role Manager under Vice President.
OC Example 1-7

Step 4:

  • Now, there are 2 employees, Engineer 1 and Engineer 2 under Manager.
  • So, click on Demote under the Design tab create a new sub-bullet under Manager
OC Example 1-8
  • Insert text ‘Engineer 1 ‘in the text box.
OC Example 1-9

Step 5:

  • There’s another employee named ‘Engineer 2 ‘under the same Manager.
  • So, press Enter after Employee 1 that will create another sub-bullet under Manager.
  • Insert text Engineer 2’ in the text box.
Organization Chart Example 1-10

Step 6:

  • As we’ve achieved the organization chart representation of the given hierarchy, we can delete the remaining [Text] placeholders from the template.
  • Click on each un-wanted [Text] placeholder and press the ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard.
  • The resultant Organization Chart in Excel is as shown below.
Organization Chart Example 1-11

Things to Remember

  1. Organization Chart is used to show the roles and hierarchies in a given organization.
  2. There are 4 variants of Organization Chart
    • Organization Chart (Regular)
    • Picture Organization Chart
    • Name and Title Organization Chart
    • Half Circle Organization Chart
  3.  Formatting can be applied to Organization Chart in terms of applying the colors and styles.
  • Design – > Change Colors allows you to change the colors
  • Design – > SmartArt Styles allows you to change the styles.

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