Excel Combo Chart

How to Create a Combo Chart in Excel?

Excel Combo Chart is the combination of different chart types to show the different or same set of data which are related to each other in nature. With a normal chart, we will have two-axis i.e. “X-Axis & Y-Axis”. However, this is not the same thing with combo charts, because this time we will have two Y-Axis instead of the traditional one Y-Axis.


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Below are the examples of the combo chart.

You can download this Combo Chart Excel Template here – Combo Chart Excel Template

Example #1

If you are in the data team with the management, you may require to do a lot of analysis; one such analysis is comparing revenue against the profit percentage.

For this example demonstration, I have created the below data.

Excel Combo Chart Example 1

With this excel data, we will show you how to create a combo chart. Follow the below steps –

Follow the below steps –

  1. Select the entire data first.

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.1

  2. Go to Insert >> Charts >> Column Chart >> Clustered Column Chart in Excel.

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.2

  3. Now, we will have a chart like the below one.

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.3

    This isn’t the combo chart because here we have only column clustered chart, so we need to change “Profit %” data to the line chart.

  4. Right-click and select “Change Chart Type.”

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.4

    Now we will see the below window.

    Example 1.5.0

  5. Now select the “Combo” option, which is there right at the bottom.

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.6

  6. In this “Combo,” we can see chart preview and various other recommended charts. For the profit, chart selects the chart as “Line” and make check the box “Secondary Axis.”

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.7

  7. Click on the Ok, we will have a combo chart now.

    Excel Combo Chart Example 1.8

    Now we can see on the right-hand side of the chart, we have one more Y-Axis, which represents the line chart numbers.

    Example 1.9

Now with this chart, we can make some easy interpretations.

  • In the month of Feb, we got the lowest revenue, so does profit percentage as well.
  • But when we look at the Jun month, we have the second-lowest revenue, but the profit percentage is very high among all the other months.
  • In the month of Jan, even though revenue is 41261, the $ profit percentage is limited to just 12.5% only.

Example #2

Now I have created slightly different data. Below is the data for this example.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2

Here, instead of a profit percentageProfit PercentageThe profit percentage formula calculates the financial benefits left with the entity after it has paid all the expenses. Profit percentage is of two types - markup expressed as a percentage of cost price or profit margin calculated using the selling price.read more, we have Profit numbers, and in addition, we have units sold data as well.

So, here we need to decide which is to show in the secondary axisSecondary AxisThe secondary axis is the other axis that is used to denote different data sets that cannot be displayed on a single axis. The primary axis, for example, depicts time, whereas the secondary axis displays production.read more; this is key here. This time we will create a chart through manual steps.

Step 1: Insert a blank chart and right-click on the chart and choose Select Data.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.1.0

Step 2: In the below window, click on “Add.”

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.2

Step 3: In the below window, in “Series Name,” choose B1 cell, and in Series Values, select B2 to B7. Click on Ok.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.0.3

Step 4: Click on “ADD.”

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.4

Step 5: In the below window, select “Month” names. Click on OK.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.0.5

Step 6: Repeat the same steps for “Profit” and “Units Sold” data as well. Now we will have a chart like below.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.6.0

Step 7: Right-click and choose “Change Chart Type.”

Example 2.7

Step 8: Select the “Combo” option from the below window. And for the “Units Sold” series name, choose the “Line” chart and check the box “Secondary Axis.”

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.8

Step 9: Now, for the “Profit” series name, choose the “Area” chart but do not check the “Secondary Axis” checkbox.

Example 2.9

Step 10: Now, we will have a chart like below.

Excel Combo Chart Example 2.10
Note: I have changed the series colors.

Things to Remember

  • These are the steps involved in the Excel 2016 version.
  • It is necessary to check the box “Secondary Axis” to have Y-Axis on the right side.
  • Change the necessary colors as per the convenience.

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