Comparison Chart in Excel

What is Comparison Chart in Excel?

When the important decision needs to be made, you may want to have a look at the region-wise sales, city-wise sales, or any other category-wise sales values. Reading values from table summary is not a quick option because looking at numbers against each other categories taken good enough time, so instead of showing the table summary alone, we can show those numbers in charts, and that chart is called “Comparison Chart”.


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How to Create a Comparison Chart in Excel? (with Examples)

You can download this Comparison Chart Excel Template here – Comparison Chart Excel Template

Above is the State-wise and City-wise sales values. When we look at the data, we have the same state for two cities. For example, for the state “California,” we have “Los Aneles & San Francisco” cities; to compare these two cities’ values against each other in the same city, we need to create a comparison chart in excel.

Follow the below steps to create a comparison chart in excel.

  1. Copy the above table data to excel.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1

  2. Select the data and insert “Column Chart” in excelColumn chart is used to represent data in vertical columns. The height of the column represents the value for the specific data series in a chart, the column chart represents the comparison in the form of column from left to more.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1-1

  3. Now, we have a default chart like the below one.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1-2
    This isn’t the clear comparison chart yet; to make it clear, we need to modify the data slightly.

  4. Since we have the same state name for multiple cities, let’s merge state values into one cell.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1-3

  5. Now, look at the chart.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1-4
    As you can see on the horizontal axis, we can see only one state name for multiple cities, unlike the previous one of having state names for all the cities.
    We need to still make it clear by adding space between each state.

  6. A simple technique can add the space between each state. After every state name, inserts a blank row.

    Excel Comparison Chart - Example 1-5

Now, look at the chart.

Comparison Chart Example 1-6

From the above chart, we can clearly compare city-wise sales in the same state. By adding an extra empty row, we can make this difference.

Use Combo Chart as Comparison Chart in Excel

Above is one way of comparing values in the same category; similarly, we can use “Combo Chart” to compare values as well. For example, look at the below data.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2

Insert column chart for this data by copying the data to excel worksheet. When the column chart is inserted, we can have a chart like the below one.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-1

This is the general way of creating a column chart. But making the “Profit” column bar as the different chart, we can actually compare things even better.

Select the chart, and we can see two extra tabs in the ribbon, i.e., “Design & Format.”

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-2

From the “Design” tab, click on “Change Chart Type.”

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-3

Now it will open up the “Change Chart Type” window.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-4

Click on the “Combo” option at the bottom.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-5

When you select the “Combo” option, we can see combination chart types; at the bottom, we can see the chart type for each series.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-6

For the “Profit” column, select the chart type as “Line” and make it as “Secondary Axis.”

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-7

Now click on “Ok” we will have a comparison chart ready with two different charts.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-8

As you can see above, we have two vertical axes, one on the right side and one on the left side of the chart.

Use Combo Chart - Example 2-9

The right side vertical axis is for column chart bars, and the left side vertical axis is for the line chart. From the above chart, we can see for the month of “May” revenue is 15000 and the cost is 11000, but profit is 4000, so this shows that when compared to other months, this month profit values are more.

Things to Remember

This has been a guide to Comparison Chart in Excel. Here we learn how to create a comparison chart in excel and along with examples and a downloadable excel template. You may learn more about excel from the following articles –

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