Power BI Desktop Installation

Installing Power BI Desktop

Power BI is a Microsoft product to visualize the data. So here we have a tool that can allow us to create an interactive and beautiful dashboard and reports for our data. Power BI comes with three versions “Power BI Desktop, Power BI Services, and Power BI Premium”. So “Power BI Desktop” is the free version to get start the things for beginners.

When the data size is huge, excel tends to slow down, and the user cannot read the dashboard contents. Moreover, the kind of visuals we can use with excel is very limited compare to power bi. In this article, we will show you how to install the Power BI Desktop on your computer.


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How to Install Power BI Desktop in Computer?

To install Power BI Desktop first, we need to download the desktop version software from the “Microsoft Website.”

  1. Search “Power BI Desktop Install” on the internet.

  2. Click on the first link or simply click the below URL to go to the download page directly.


    This link will take you to the below page. (Make sure you have an active internet connection in your PC or Laptop).

  3. Click on the “Download Free” option to install power bi.

    Download Page

    This will take you to the below page.

  4. Click on “Get” Option and power desktop setup will get downloaded on your computer.

    Select Get Option
    One thing you need to be careful here is to make sure what the platform of your computer is, whether it is a “32-bit version or 64-bit version”. Accordingly, you need to download the Power BI version.

  5. Once the Power BI is downloaded, click on the “Install” option. You will see the following window.

    Power BI Desktop Setup
    Click on the Next option to complete the installation.

  6. Once the installation is completed, it will take us to the default page of Power BI.

    Power BI Desktop Install - Welcome Page
    It will ask your name, the company you are working for, email address, job title, and many other things. However, at this point in time, these are all irrelevant so cancel this window.

  7. Now again, it will ask you to sign in to Power BI account.

    Power BI Desktop Install - Sign In
    One thing here is you have to use only the official company email id’. Here, you cannot use your personal email id. Anyways skip this option as well and

  8. We will see the following window now.

    Power BI Desktop - Main Page

Ok, in this window, we have work and build our reports and dashboards.

Know your Power BI Desktop Page

You will find Power BI as the advanced version of excel, like in excel Power BI, too we have ribbon, which has tabs “Home, View, Modeling, and Help.” And on the left-hand side, we have three layouts “Report, Data, and Model.”

Power BI Tab

Report Layout: In this layout, we can build all our Power BI reportsPower BI ReportsPower bi reports are detailed visualizations of data that are presented differently than common reports. These reports can be multi-page or single-page, with visuals on each page.read more and dashboards.

Data Layout: In this layout, we can see all our uploaded or created data tablesData TablesA data table in excel is a type of what-if analysis tool that allows you to compare variables and see how they impact the result and overall data. It can be found under the data tab in the what-if analysis section.read more.

Model Layout: In this layout, we can create relationships between multiple tables based on the common columns of the different tables.

On the right-hand side in the “Report Layout,” we can see three options, i.e., “Filters, Visualizations, and Fields.”

Filters: In this section, we can apply filter columns of the table, further in this section, we have “Filters on this page, Filters on all pages, and Filters on this Visual.”

Filter Tab

Visualizations: From this section, we can use Power BI visualizationsPower BI VisualizationsIn Power Bi, there are some built-in visuals for data visualization, as well as some custom visuals. Custom visuals are user-defined and allow users to use their own creativity in terms of how they want to present data. For example, one can use lines and dots in a flashing and floating manner to display changes in data over time.read more and create visuals for our data.

Visualization Tab

Fields: This section shows all the columns of our data table in A to Z order, not necessarily in the order of table columns.

Fields Tab

Ok, this is the installation steps and default page view of the Power BI. In the coming articles, we will discuss how to use tabs, how to import data, and how to build visualizations for data tables, etc…

This has been a guide to Power BI Desktop Installation. Here we show how to install a power bi desktop on your computer and use it for data visualization. You can learn more from the following articles –

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