Power BI vs SSRS

Difference Between Power BI and SSRS

SSRS and power bi both are report generating softwares but there are some major differences among those two, in SSRS the reports have more of the manual interventions and many manual steps which takes time and makes it hectic for the user however in power bi the same functions are available on a click of a button.

Power BI is a SaaS data visualization and analytical tool to analyze the data and get insights into the data and has very user-friendly features and tools, whereas, SSRS which stands for “SQL Server Reporting Services,” is a completely server-based reporting tool that helps us to supply data and create a detailed report from the data. In this article, we will look at the key differences between Power BI and SSRS in detail –

Power BI vs SSRS Infographics

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Key Differences

The key differences between Power BI vs SQL server reporting services are as follows –

#1 – User-Friendly

This is one of the key areas to look into. Power BI is such a user-friendly tool with just drag and drop of fields we can create reports and insights. SSRS is not that simple to use because you need to have coding skills to really play around with reports in SSRS.

#2 – Data Handling

In Power BI free Desktop version, we can handle up to 1 GB of data per user, and in the Paid version, we can handle up to 10 GB. If the data goes anything beyond this, then we need to get the data from cloud-based tools like AZURE.

But SQL server reporting services can handle a large amount of data without any trouble, but you need to keep in mind this tool comes at cost based on the organization structure.

Comparative Table

ItemsPower BISSRS
Cost to AcquirePower BI is a free version for Desktop software and for Pro and Premium services we need to pay to acquire.SSRS is completely a paid device.
HistoryPower BI is a recent product of Microsoft and launched in 2013.SSRS is a much older product so available from 2004.
Customer BasePower BI is a SaaS tool so the customer can download the Desktop free version and work immediately so has a large amount of customer base.SSRS is not the most popular as the Power BI so the customer base is not strong enough.
Need of the HourNot many modern users rely on server-based visualization tools so Power BI is the need of the hour to build dashboards.SSRS is a server-based tool so it requires well-oiled programmers to function on this.
LicensingPower BI licensing requires only for Pro and Premium services.SSRS multiple editions require the cost to get the licensing.
Real-Time UpdatesPower BI gets every month the latest updates in the new release of Microsoft.SSRS gets updates every few years.
Data TypePower BI can handle any type of data type.SSRS can handle only structured and semi-structured data types.
Data SourcesPower BI can fetch the data from anywhere which are not available with SSRS server-based tool.SSRS can fetch the data only from SQL Server, SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server Analysis Services.
Kind of UsagePower BI can be used by those people who want to publish reports both cloud-based and server-based.SSRS can produce only server-based reports.
ConveniencePower BI can be utilized through Desktop, Server Based, Web-based, and mobile applications.SSRS can be accessed to the web and work area only.
Technology ToolPower BI is a modern technology tool, HTML 5 source, and cloud-based SaaS.SSRS is an old technology tool based on an enterprise visualization tool.
User-Friendly NaturePower BI can be used as a drag and drop tool to create visualizations thanks to its rich graphical visuals toolsSSRS is not so rich in terms of graphics and visuals but it has a very good drill-down feature.
ImplementationPower BI implementation is much easier when compared to SSRS.SSRS implementation is complex and requires many complex procedures to pass through.


The choice is very simple. If you are not a coder or from a technical background, it is very tough to digest SSRS coding language, so better choose the Power BI thanks to simple drag and drop options. Power BI can provide rich graphics and visualizations, so unless you are a programmer, your choice is always a Power BI.

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