Power BI Themes

As we know that power bi is a very good visualization tool and it has various types of tools and many custom made tools to make visualization better similar to that we have some inbuilt themes in power bi where light is the default theme but we can also create our own custom made a theme in power bi.

Themes in Power BI

Working with the default theme doesn’t make the reporting tool beautiful, but by changing themes, we can add more value and eye-catching color to our reporting dashboards on Power BI.

Assume you just bought a brand new mobile phone from a store, and when you open it has all the basic features with it, and as the day goes on, we change each feature default thing to our own things as per our liking, isn’t it?


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Change Default Theme in Power BI

Changing the default theme isn’t the hardest job in the world because it requires simple Power BI window knowledge; that’s all. Follow the below steps to change the default theme.

Follow the below steps to change the default theme.

  1. Open Power BI visualization software. And go to the Home tab and find the “Switch Theme” option.

    Power BI Themes - Switch Theme

  2. From this drop-down list, you can see many built-in themes available with your version of Power BI.

    Power BI Themes - Switch Theme (Options)

  3. For example, look at the below theme of the dashboard.

    Power BI Themes - Default Theme
    This is the default theme applied when we have created the dashboard.

  4. Now I am going to apply the “City Park” theme from the Switch Theme drop-down list under more items.

    Power BI Themes - City Park Theme

  • And my dashboard changes automatically as follows.
Power BI Themes - City Park Theme (Dashboard)
  • Below is the preview of the “Twilight” theme impact.
Power BI Themes - Twilight Theme

Apart from these, we can build our own theme by using the “JSON” file format. Now we will see the basic level “JSON” coding structure.

How to Design Power BI Themes?

In order to design your own theme, you need JSON coding knowledge. At this point in time, you can download the already built-in JSON files or can create your own files.

Format of JSON Theme








Name: The first thing we can notice with any JSON file is the name of the theme, which is a mandatory field in the JSON file.

Data Colors: This one requires color codes for data. You need to learn about hex color codes to be used in the JSON file. Like this, we can give hex color codes to design your Power BI reportPower BI ReportPower bi reports are detailed visualizations of data that are presented differently than common reports. These reports can be multi-page or single-page, with visuals on each page.read more theme. This includes “Back Ground Color, Fore Ground Color, and Table Accent Color.”

  • Now below is the JSON file code I am using to import as a custom theme file for my above-shown dashboard.


"dataColors":["#31b6fd", "#4584d3", "#5bd078", "#a5d028", "#f5c040", "#05e0db", "#3153fd", "#4c45d3", "#5bd0b0", "#54d028", "#d0f540", "#057be0"],

Copy the code and save it as “Note Pad” file on your computer hard disk with .json extension.

  • Now come back to the dashboard window and click on the “Switch Theme” option from this drop-down list to choose the “Import Theme” option.
Power BI Themes - Import Themes
  • Now this will opens up the JSON file choosing window. From this window, choose the saved file from the folder where you have saved the JSON code, as given above. And click on “Open.”
Power BI Themes - Choose JSON File
  • Then your Power BI should show a message as “Theme was imported successfully.” And click on Close.
Power BI Themes - Import Popup
  • Your dashboard has an immediate impact on the mentioned data colors, as mentioned in the JSON file hex color codes.
Imported Theme

The above dashboard has a completely new look because of the newly designed Json them file.

Import Live Theme Json Codes from Online Power BI Store

One more interesting thing you can do with the custom theme is you can search on the Microsoft website and import new theme files from the online.

Theme Gallery
  • This will take you to the below web page.
Theme Gallery Window
  • From the above window, you can click on any of the themes and download the JSON file. I have clicked on “Sunflower Twilight,” for this, I can see the preview as shown below.
Sunflower Twilight Theme
  • Scroll down and click on the “JSON” file to download the JSON file.
Sunflower Twilight Theme Download

Once the file is downloaded as usually “Import” the JSON theme file to power bi and immediately, your dashboard will change as per the JSON file code.

Things to Remember

  • Power BI by default, uses the default theme, as mentioned by the product development team.
  • By writing JSON codes, you can change the theme.
  • You can find many themes of JSON codes on the Microsoft website.

This has been a guide to Power BI Themes. Here we discuss how to change the default theme of the dashboard report and to create your own Power BI theme using JSON Code. You can learn more about Power BI from the following articles –

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