Power BI vs QlikView

Difference Between Power BI and QlikView

Power BI is recent Microsoft product launched in 2013 for data visualization and creating data insights with tremendous visuals and is easy to use for those who know excel, whereas, QlikView is a much older product launched way back in 1993 is used for transforming data based on complex parameters and requires knowledge of programming languages.

They are almost the same, but power bi has a better advantage over QlikView for business analytics solutions. They are both with similar tools and easier unique special features, but power bi has more robust tools for data sources, connections, and representations.

Power BI vs QlikView Infographics

Let’s see the top differences between Power BI vs QlikView.

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Key Difference Between Power BI vs QlikView

The key differences are as follows:

  • Ease of Operating: Power BI is the clear winner here because, as we told, it seems like an advanced version of Excel to work with, but on the other hand, QlikView demands programming language skills to work with QlikView.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Power BI Desktop version is free and only Pro and Premium services cost you, but you need not break your bank to acquire this. QlikView is expensive, and also the procedure to acquire this is complex.
  • Customer Base: Even though Power BI is a recent product majority of the Excel users choose this tool for data visualization over QlikView because of the familiarity of the fields, which are almost similar to the one in MS Excel.

Power BI vs Qlikview Comparative Table

Since both these tools are operating in the same market as a user, you need to look at the head to head comparisons of both these tools.

ItemPower BIQlikView
Basic VersionsPower BI Desktop version is absolutely free and you can download the software and install it on your device to start using it.QliView’s basic version is also free of cost.
Advanced VersionsPower BI Pro & Premium services don’t need to break the bank to acquire it. This comes at a cost of $10 per user per month. This tool costs almost 10 times less than what tableau costsQlikView also costs $30 per month per user, which is two times higher than the Power BI.
Data Capturing and WarehousingPower BI is better equipped for capturing data from various sources and has modern links to connect the data warehouse linksQlikView too can fetch data from various sources but its real strength is in transforming the data is more advanced with this tool.
User InterfacePower BI has a lot of Intuitive interfaces and those who have already worked with MS Excel can use it with ease.QlikView has a flexible User interface. This tool can build high-packed visuals based on different complex parameters.
Operating LevelPower BI is a Microsoft product and almost all excel users find it easy to work with thanks to simple drag and drop options to build dashboards and reports.QlikView requires programming language skills, so learning is a bit heavy lift for non-developers.
Setup TimePower BI can be set up in a few minutes with simple and easy stepsQlikView too can be set up in few minutes with simple and easy steps
Analytics and InterpretationPower BI leads the race in this category. Power BI can provide proven results in data analytics.QlikView needs to improve on proven data analytics tools but on par with advanced dashboard
Ease of LearningIt would not be an exaggeration to say that Power BI seems like an advanced version of Excel for those who use MS Excel at an advanced level.QlikView required considerable knowledge from the Data Science background. You need to dive into a coding window to really work with QlikView.
SpeedPower BI can work with good speed without much trouble at all.QlikView speed depends upon the speed of the RAM of the device.


Advanced data sources give the edge for Power BI over QlikView. Because it’s a product of Microsoft, it uses advanced platforms like Cloud BI, Azure, SQL, etc. QlikView is mainly chosen by data scientists thanks to the programming language it has.

Also, the time frame Power BI has taken to enter the data visualization market is mind-blowing compared to QlikView. Every month they release updates that are absolutely needed by the users at their workplace.

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