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Updated on January 2, 2024
Article byJeevan A Y
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What is Tooltip in Power BI?

In Power BI, Tooltip is nothing but showing extra data labels on the visual other than the used field values to the visualization. If creating visualization is the mastering thing adding little things to the existing dashboard can make the report more valued and worth it. One such thing we can do with Power BI visualsPower BI VisualsIn Power Bi, there are some built-in visuals for data visualization, as well as some custom visuals. Custom visuals are user-defined and allow users to use their own creativity in terms of how they want to present data. For example, one can use lines and dots in a flashing and floating manner to display changes in data over time.read more is adding “Tooltip” to the visualization.

For example, if you have a monthly sales amount and have created a column chartCreated A Column ChartColumn chart is used to represent data in vertical columns. The height of the column represents the value for the specific data series in a chart, the column chart represents the comparison in the form of column from left to right.read more for the monthly sales amount.

Power BI tooltip (Clustered column chart)

Now, if you, however, on any of the bars in any of the months, it will show data labels and categories, i.e., that particular month’s name and sales value.

Power BI tooltip (month, sales)

In the above image, we have hovered on “November” month. Immediately, we can see the category name as “November” and the category data label as sale value 118,447.82.

By hovering on each bar, we can see the data value of each bar. Now the question is, what is the profit value for this month?

As of now, if you want to see the profit value, we have to insert one more new field or add a different visualization only. So, this is where our “Tooltip” will help us.

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How to Add Tooltip to Show Other Values in Power BI?

You can also download the excel workbook from the below link, which is used for this example.

You can download this Power BI Tooltip Excel Template here – Power BI Tooltip Excel Template
  • We have created a clustered column chart with only one data field as the “Sales” value and an “Axis” as a “Month.”
Power BI tooltip (Fields)
Power BI tooltip (Clustered column chart)
  • When you select the visualization, we can see all the fields of that visualization. One thing we all have ignored all these while in the “Tooltip” field.
Power BI tooltip (Tooltips field)

By adding columns to these fields, we can see the different data points without adding them to the visualization.

For example, we have added only “Sales Value” to the chart, but if we want to see the “Profit” value for the month, we cannot see this.

  • Drag and drop the “Profit” column from the table to “Tooltip.”
Power BI tooltip (profit)
  • After adding the “Profit” column to the “ToolTips,” our chart remains the same. But when we hover over any month column bar, we can see sales and profit values for that particular month.
Power BI tooltip (grapg tooltip)

Once again, we have hovered over “November” month. Since we added the “Profit” column to the “Tooltips” field of the visual, we can see both sales and profit values.

  • Similarly, now we will add the “Quantity” and “Discount” columns to the “Tooltips” area.
Power BI tooltip (Discount & Quantity)
  • Now once again, we will hover over the “November” month. We can see the data points of “Sales,” “Profit,” “Quantity,” and “Discount.”
Power BI tooltip (Discount & Quantity tooltip)

Say hello to the new thing on your power bi dashboard.

Customize Data Points Results in Tooltip

We can customize the tooltip data point’s results as “Average” value, “Minimum” value, “Maximum” value, “Variance” value, etc.

  • Click on the dropdown icon of the “Profit” column from the “Tooltips” and choose “Maximum” as the data point option.
Power BI tooltip (Maximum)
  • Now, if you hover over any of the bars in the chart, it will show only a particular month’s maximum profit value.
Power BI tooltip (Max of profit)

Like this, we can create a “Tooltip” for the visualization on the same page. But one more advanced thing we can do is create a visualization “Tooltip” from the different pages in Power BI.

Create Report Page Tooltip in Power BI

We have created a tooltip for the existing chart to show the “Profit” value, “Units Sold” value, and “Discount” value.

However, imagine if you want to show a region-wise profit vs. sale mini chart when you hover over any of the month bars.

Power BI tooltip (profit and sales)

Like the above image, we can show a visual tooltip as well.

Follow the below steps to create a report page tooltip in Power BI.

  1. First, create a new page and name it as you wish.

    Power BI tooltip (tooltip Page)

  2. On the newly created page, go to the “Format” pane.

    Power Bi tooltip (Format)

  3. Under this pane, click “Page size” and choose “Tooltip.”

    Power BI tooltip (Page Size)

  4. In the same “Format” pane, click on “Page information” and turn on “Tooltip.”

    Power BI tooltip (Page information)

  5. Now, you can see the page is minimized. Make it as “Actual Size” under “Page View.”

    Power BI tooltip (Actual Size)

  6. Insert “Line chart “and drag the “Region” column to the “Axis” field and the “Profit” and “Sales” column to the “Values” field.

    Power BI tooltip (line chart fields)

    The profit and sales by region chart are below.
    Power BI tooltip (line chart)

  7. Now, return to the first page where we have created a clustered column chart, “Report Page.” On this page, select the visual and go to the “Format” pane.

    power bi tooltip (Report page)

  8. In this “Format” pane, scroll down and turn on “Tooltip.”

    Power BI tooltip (Tooltip on)

  9. Under this, select the page as “Tooltip Page.”

    Power BI tooltip (page)
    (Tooltip Page is the name of the new page we have created in step 1).

We have completed all the steps.

Now, come back to visual and hover over the column bars to see the “Tooltip,” which shows the region-wise sales vs. profit.

Power BI tooltip (Clustered column with line tooltip)

We have hovered over “October” month. For this month, we can see region-wise sales vs. profit.

Note: We have done so much formatting to these charts. You can download the Power BI tooltip file below and apply each formatting technique.

You can download this Power BI Tooltip Template here – Power BI Tooltip Template

Things to Remember Here

  • In Power BI, “Tooltip” is the way of showing more information about the category without adding those columns to the visualization.
  • Under “Tooltip,” we can customize the kind of value we want to show in terms of “Average” value, “Maximum” value, “Minimum” value, etc.
  • A visual tooltip is possible through Power BI’s “Report Page” tooltip.

This article is a guide to Power BI Tooltip. Here, we discuss how to create and customize tooltips in Power BI to show extra data labels in visuals, examples, and downloadable templates. You can learn more about Power BI from the following articles: –