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What is Power Bi Icon Set?

Icons are the visual representation of any content or a data header and in power bi, there are some inbuilt icons that can be used by any user and also we have options to make custom made icons in power bi, it is a new feature which is added to power bi.

Icon Sets are similar to those which we have used on excel conditional formatting. Icon Sets are used to represent the data through icons available in Power BI.


I am sure you have enjoyed the thing “Conditional Formatting” brings to the table in excel. By setting our conditions, we can decide the formatting style for our numbers. If you are using advanced conditional formatting in excel, we can do the same thing with Power BI visualizationPower BI VisualizationIn Power Bi, there are some built-in visuals for data visualization, as well as some custom visuals. Custom visuals are user-defined and allow users to use their own creativity in terms of how they want to present data. For example, one can use lines and dots in a flashing and floating manner to display changes in data over time.read more as well.

Now many of those who use Power BI are not aware of the fact that we can apply conditional formatting in Power BIConditional Formatting In Power BIConditional formatting is a feature that uses different colours to highlight cells in a data set based on specific or different conditions. It can be found in both Microsoft Excel and Power Bi.read more as well. Using these visuals, we can apply icon set to our data set numbers. In this article, we will show you how to make use of “Power BI Icon Set” to apply conditional formatting.


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History of Power Bi Field Icon Set

First thing first, “Icon Sets” in Power BI can be applied to “Table” and “Matrix” visuals. Recently in July 2019, Microsoft released this new feature for Power BIFeature For Power BIPower BI has countless appealing features like content packs (containing data models & dashboards, etc.), personalized visualization, DAX functions, Flexible Tiles, and Quick Insights, among others.read more, download and install the latest version to get used to “Conditional Formatting” in Power BI.

Based on user’s feedback and ideas, every month, Microsoft improves their product features, and her you go “Icon Set” is one of them.

How to Apply Icon Set in Power Bi?

You can download the workbook used in this example to practice along with us.

You can download this Power BI Icons Excel Template here – Power BI Icons Excel Template

As I said, Conditional Formatting can be applied to “Table” & “Matrix” visual, and for demonstration of the icon set in this article, I have created below simple “Table” visual.

power bi icon (table values)

We will apply the “Icon Set” for this table based on the below rules.

  • If the Amount is <=195, icon will be the “Red” color icon.
  • If the Amount is >=196 and <=200, then the icon will be in the “Yellow” color.
  • If anything >200, then the color will be “Green.”

To apply “Icon Set” to select the “Table” visual, it will show the fields used from the table to create this visual.

power bi icon (values)
  • Since our numbers in a table based on “Amount,” click on the drop-down list “Amount” and choose “Conditional Formatting.”
power bi icon (Conditional Formatting)
  • So from conditional formatting options, choose “Icons” to open below windows.
power bi icon (icons window)
  • In this, we need to define our rule, so for that, make sure the “Format by” drop-down list should be selected with “Rules.”
power bi icon (format by rules)
  • Now we need to select based on which field of the table we are applying icons, so select the “Sum of Amount” column under the “Based on Filed” option.
Power bi icon (based on field)

Next, we need to select the kind of summarization we need to apply. From this drop-down list, we can choose “Overall Sum Value,” “Average,” “Minimum,” “Maximum” etc.. like this we can choose many options as shown below.

  • Since we need icons based on the overall value, I have chosen “Sum.”
Power bi icon (Sum)
  • Now we need to choose the position of the “icon” in the table. From this drop-down, we can choose the position of the icon as “Right of Data,” “Left of Data,” and if you want to see only “icons,” you can choose the “Icon Only” option.
  • Next, we need to choose the “Icon Alignment” positon as Top, Middle, Bottom.
  • Now comes the icon part. Under “Style” we can choose what kind of icon we need to show on the table.
  • As you can see above, we have several “Icons” available. You can choose any of them based on the data. Since we are having only 3 sets of rules, I have chosen the below icon.
Style choosen

Now we need to apply the rules as we defined earlier.

  • We will go from bottom to top. First, I will define the rule as follows.
Values range

Now let me explain the rule for you.

“If the value is >= 0 (percent) and <= 40 (percent) then we need “Red” color traffic signal”.

“If the value is >= 41 (percent) and <= 70 (percent) then we need “Yellow” color traffic signal”.

“If the value is >= 71 (percent) and <= 100 (percent) then we need “Green” color traffic signal”.

  • Click on Ok; we should get traffic lights as per the defined rule.
Power bi icons (Table with icon sets)

Wow!!! We got our first-ever icon set in Power Bi.

Like this, you can use other “Icon Sets” to apply conditional formatting for the data in power bi.

Note: Power BI Icon file can also be downloaded from the link below, and the final output can be viewed.

You can download this Power BI Icons Template here – Power BI Icons Template

Things to Remember Here

Guide to Power BI Icons. Here we discuss how to make use of Power BI Icon Set to apply conditional formatting in given data along with examples. You can learn more about Power BI from the following articles –

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